How to Thrive by Living a High Vibrational Life That is Divinely Guided by Your Soul

Apr 27, 2022 | Energy, High Vibrational Life, Manifesting, Spirituality

How to Thrive by Living a High Vibrational Life That is Divinely Guided by Your Soul

Are you ready to shift some of the energy in your life? Are you seeking a sustainable existence that feels really good? Keep reading this blog and discover how to thrive by living a high vibrational life that is divinely guided by your soul.

For a very long time I have begun each day with prayer and meditation. Over the years my practice has transformed into a direct channel or lifeline with the other side. This shift occurred naturally as I was pulled into a deeper connection by my soul and God.

It was a natural transition to intentionally connect with the love, light and guidance of my soul. The connection allows me to both see and feel the love and wisdom of my truth. I become infused with this powerful energy that helps me heal and make wise choices. This practice has allowed my soul to show me my highest vibrational path of this life.

We each have free will and a gazillion choices. With that being said, just for a second, imagine if you were guided to choose a life that offers the greatest love and happiness.

What if you listened to that little voice that steered you from problems and guided you to ease?

Each of us is blessed with a soul that guides us, but not all of us listen, or even believe in the power of a soul connection.

Connecting to our Soul’s magical energy is akin to understanding your true self and the power of love. Our Soul is lit by God; thus, honoring your soul is honoring our creator.

15 Steps To Creating A Soul Based High Vibrational Life

1. Intentionally connect with your soul. A great time to do this is just after meditation. Have your eyes closed and start a conversation with your soul. You might feel a presence above your head, or in your heart chakra area. Focus on the feelings of love that fills you up. Over time this connection will grow:)

2. Pay attention to the food you eat. Think about fresh, vibrant colors being a great choice for soul connection. Imagine you are eating high vibration foods that match the colors of your chakra system and a healthy auric field.

3. Avoid intoxicating food, beverages and substances. Anything that fogs your mind, can weaken your soul connection.

4. Nature is a great place to let go of the material world and get in touch with your Angels, guides and discover your soul’s blueprint, or highest plan.

5. Staying grounded and connected to the resilient, stable and abundant energy of the Earth is hugely important when doing inspirational work with your soul.

6. Meditation is where you can empty your mind. This will help you receive messages from your angels, guides and soul.

7. Honor the practice of silence. This can bring amazing shifts in your consciousness. Feeling what’s around us without the distraction of words always makes me feel closer to God.

8. Have clarity on what you want in your life. Your soul can help you match that plan with your life path, or blueprint. The more clarity you have, the easier it is for the Universe to serve it up.

9. Do no harm. This is huge. Are you creating life from a perspective of Love or fear? Really think about your practices, words, reactions and actions. Are your choices high vibrational? How far reaching are your choices? Luckily, we can always choose again. This is something that causes me to pause and rethink the direction I’m going several times a day.

10. Share gratitude daily with the world. Look at this amazing, rich experience we are all taking part in. If you struggle with gratitude, find one place that brings you joy and spend time there. I love looking out my windows and seeing the trees, wildlife and blue sky, or even a storm. This always helps me connect with gratitude.

11. Stay connected with your higher power, angels, guides, universe and your soul. You are co creating your life, but your team knows your highest potential and the blueprint of your life. How cool is that? Lots of thought and detail went into planning your life long before you stepped on Earth. You always have free will, and you can always choose the highest vibrational path.

12. Explore your spirituality. There are no limits to how we can expand spiritually. Even in other realms, we will continue with inspired thoughts and expand our consciousness.

13. Create a community that feels good, where the conversation and laughter feed your soul. It is so important to find like-minded people, regardless of geographical location, or the number in your soul group. When we support each other, our transformation goes even deeper.

14. Believe in yourself. Have faith in your soul connection, God, Angels guides and our amazing universe.

15. Send love, light, compassion and healing to yourself, the Earth, humanity and beyond. Know that grace is possible for each of us.

I recognize that each of us will slip or slide to the edge of high vibrational living. This is when our angels, guides, God and friends help steady us. It is also what helps create a world with an impossibly beautiful depth of truths.

Have fun connecting with your soul.

This practice has increased the calm and security that I experience on a daily basis. I love to help others discover their high vibrational path.

If you are ready to deepen the connection with your soul, contact me at I love how humanity is slowly blinking our collective eyes open. This is a perfect time to discover your truth, Angels, guides and of course, your beautiful soul.

Channeled Message

Imagine the surprise, when we collectively recall our connection. Imagine the joy when we recognize the very truth of our being resonates with all we see. Imagine how it will feel, to experience love as a message that allows us to individually grow and collectively transform the world. You have and I have all that we need to create peace on Earth. This is the truth that carries me along.

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