Welcome to the Energy of the Week for April 24, 2022

I love this image. It was taken in Mexico, originally found in images painted on rocks. It reminds us that we are much more then our human form.. and additionally it can remind us that our guides, angels and loving ancestors help us from the other side. With that being said remember to call on your unseen guidance this week. A couple weeks ago I saw that some of us would feel like the bottom fell out of our life .. possibly our support system failed us … but with that being said we found ourselves in the same landscape of life. No big change .. This week is different. There are many different channels or varieties of energy that we can choose to connect with. This brings some of us feeling like we are in a whirlpool of choppy currents where you are grasping or looking for anything that takes you out of these flipping deep feelings .. others might feel like they are in control of their emotions, but still facing a maze in human life .. If you are finding yourself deeply emotional or just trying to control every bit of your life .. look for the easy way out .. what ever problem / concern / worry that you are struggling with .. go with the path of least resistance. I will say that most of us will feel like we really accomplished leaving something behind in the next few months. Hopefully humanity will allow this amazing spirit of renewal and rebirth to guide us to peace. We have a couple months that is helping us get in touch with our fears, emotions, faith and ultimately love. I am so excited for our potential in this great journey of expansion .. remember this week .. don’t over think .. take the easy path 🙏🌍 Remember to call on your team of angels, guides and loving ancestors ❤️