Welcome to the Energy of the Week for April 17, 2022

This week is all about each of us rediscovering our personal power. Imagine a child being gifted with a brilliant mind and passion for life. At some point this child learns to listen to fear and the voice of passion and inspiration becomes quieter and quieter. The acts of power become fear based and used to defend one’s personal choices and acquisitions. This once child becomes an adult that is bloated with false power and their true strength goes unnoticed.
This is the perfect week to embrace your truest identity. It is the perfect week to remember what you loved to play as a child. It is the perfect week to let go of the fear based control and bloated power issues. It is the perfect week to allow Love to guide you on your highest vibrational path. It is here that you will be welcomed by your truest friends, and life partners. Your guides, Angels and loving ancestors have been waiting for this moment .. celebrate your true strength .. compassion, awareness, inspiration and love ❤️