Welcome to the transformational energy of May 23, 2021

There is evidence of miracles all around you. The very fact that spring brings new life is a reason to celebrate.. But there is a deeper creative process occurring with in humanity, you and I. This week we are gifted the ability to see thru the guise, or false beliefs and really connect with our potential. We have the ability to see past the pain, chaos, and fear… and see a healing .. This moment of awareness holds the energy of karmic clearing .. where you recognize .. if only for an instant .. you are healed, the world is healed, your relationships are healed .. hold this in your heart as you move thru the week with new vitality and awareness .. you have aligned your thoughts with the flow of the Universe and all else falls away .. you are loved .. you are sacred .. and a healing in all directions to all beings is now 🌴♥️🌞. Enjoy your understanding of God / Universe / All that is ☀️❤️