Welcome to the Energy of the Week

We are working so hard to find the balance in our world and the balance in all our relationships… We are still experiencing the oppression, the push back, and pain, but through this, we are finding new leaders and new ways of leading, the people are speaking… not the politicians .. but the people and this is where real change will happen. So celebrate the steps towards new world leaders !! It’s happening in the kitchens and living rooms of our neighbor’s homes. The change is finally making a home run.

Midweek to the end of the week we will experience a big energetic change… I’m not sure if it is what opens the doors to new communication or if there is actual structural damage, but there is indeed a big clash / white light coming in 🙂

So maintain the calm… stand tall in your beliefs and if you have ever felt the desire to be a leader in change; the door is wide open for you✨