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I saw myself swimming in a river of deep blues and greens. The shape of the water reminded me of a swimming spot in my childhood. There was a sense of freedom and anticipation surrounding me. Every moment felt familiar.

I began to notice an energy that was coming from outside my vision. This new energy allowed a connection to memories of the previous life. Eternity began to swirl through my mind. The change brought a calm that surrounded me. While loosely observing my thoughts of creation, I felt a strong presence. My vision quietly revealed who was sharing this moment with me. We communicated without words.

I began to swim to the beautiful creature that was sharing such kindness and wisdom. I reached out and touched a giant terrapin. His shell looked like it was made of earth. The message to me was one of love and patience. I rested my forehead on his cheek. Through this touch, I was able to feel our entire world and so much more. I was shown how humanity is being guided deeper through the universe’s passage to eternal wisdom. I understood I had to wait and be patient. There will be many of us discovering our true connection. We will find each other, but first we must understand our personal power. Only then can we patiently have space for others.

I knew without a doubt that the ancient creature was a teacher for the whole of humanity. The message was clear. All animals, humans, and Mother Earth are connected through the energy that flows through our souls. We are all one, we are all equal.

The wise one encouraged me to trust my instincts and recognize that healing can occur even in darkness and confusion. Instinctively, I knew the turtle was returning to a place on earth that needed his wisdom and love. Higher power comes in all forms, males, females, rocks, plants, or animals.

When I awoke, I felt blessed by the guidance in my dream. I gained an insight into our collective journey. We are quickly evolving and remembering the wisdom of the earth. It is time to trust and open our hearts; we are meant to heal together.

One of the greatest struggles in my mind is how to process the suffering that humans bring into this world. With violent and disrespectful treatment of animals and other people, the earth releases pain and toxic energy that circulates through all of us. I struggle with where to put the pain. How can we stop such unimaginable suffering? My mind goes blank; I can’t fathom humans willingly bringing such trauma into our world. Where do people committing heinous acts day after day fit into my understanding of forgiveness and love?

It is clear I have more lessons to learn vis-à-vis the earth. As I mulled over this personal dilemma concerning faith and forgiveness, a beautiful friend reached out to me. She was experiencing a very high fever of unknown origin both in and out of the hospital. She was afraid for her health; there had been no answers yet.

My family and I put her in our prayers. I shared some meditations for healing with her. Other friends were bringing her loving, nourishing food. After a few days, her fever was a little lower. She shared how it brought the awareness of what she wanted in her life. Her priorities have shifted. I witnessed my friend discovering the foundation of her personal sanctuary.

I am grateful to the gentle creature that guided me through the deep waters. We must trust and be patient. I know he is guiding others into a sanctuary on earth. The terrapin moves without any pain and suffering; what he is created of remains untouched. I have space for all others, sans any judgment, to join me. We meet on earth’s sacred soil and water where everyone (animals, persons, and plants) is safe and loved.

The next day I hiked up to a desert peak in the middle of the day. It was perfect. At the top, I rested on a rock and could feel kindness and love flowing from everywhere. I could see the desert sharing life with everything. I lack words for describing my awareness at that moment.

I know that others also feel the love that emanates from trees, stars, and all that is. It is here that we can begin to build the foundation for the eternal sanctuary that keeps us all safe, loved, and protected. I understand our world is healing without us having all the answers. One by one, each of us will be touched and let go of anger, fear, and grief. Wars will stop, slaughterhouses will close, and together we are creating a shelter for all, built on faith, and love.

Channeled Message

In the beginning, there was only love, grace, and peace. Some acted, in contrast, to better understand the power of love and forgiveness. We are still of the beginning, ultimately we only have love and grace.  When the contrast no longer serves your mind, you will be free of pain and suffering.

Finding your place in the model of healing is a gift. It is here that you are able to experience forgiveness at the deepest level i.e. forgiveness of one’s self. We each have created lives that carry pain. Discovering that we alone are releasing the pain, is a struggle to comprehend. With the awareness of our personal pain comes personal forgiveness. It is here that we no longer need the contrast and experience only love.

The deepest lesson is we are responsible for pain; we are responsible for love. Every moment holds the potential for 100 percent love and forgiveness. Trust, believe and set yourself free.

End Channeled Message

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