Welcome to the Energy of the Week May 24, 2020

This week is all about finding the stability in your life when things are still shifting all around you.

Imagine wearing a coat your entire life… it has provided safety and guidelines and even assisted in shaping your world… this week: that coat has holes in it… not only does the coat no longer fit, you are in the process of shedding it.

Please note… you don’t need the security of the coat any more… you are safe to feel the elements of life.

Celebrate how you join resources and cocreate this week.

If you find yourself questioning rules… they may no longer apply to your life.

You have extra zest in your ability to think quick and celebrate your curiosity this week.

It’s a great week for self improvements and health….

Last but not least… the way you communicate… what you would or would not have said in the past; has changed….

This week has a little of the butterfly awakening and a little of the lions strength merging into a beautiful journey 🙏😊