Energy of the Week for May 17th, 2020

This week you have energetically signed up for a class on how to heal a broken heart.  This healing is not just recovering from a bad romance; this is healing all pain to your heart, and mind.

Unresolved hurt from the past, has been resting under the surface. Get ready… it’s going to reappear, unless you decide to make a trip to your emotional past.  Don’t worry… you have the ability to react differently to the feelings that come up.  This week is just the beginning of you having the opportunity to make amends and recover from past hardships, break ups, poor decisions.  Get ready to forgive yourself and others as you revisit past experiences….

The nice thing about this week is: you are gifted a gentle entry into your past.  You are able to see things with compassion and love.  You have the ability to release all the pain you have been holding captive in your heart.  It might at first feel traumatic; but as the pain and resentment is released and your heart is filled with love…  you are able to breath deep and insightful breaths….

Know that it is safe to release your past experiences…  forever.  After you have released all the  negative energy, you will be able to receive love on an even greater scale. 🙂

Tips for ease and healing during this week:

  1. Your emotions will help you transform. Don’t be afraid of them.
  2. Having a very strong belief in yourself will help you move through the week. Write down your attributes; fall in love with yourself.  You are worth celebrating.
  3. Communication is a huge part of your transformation. Journal or somehow document your feelings….  Have some good communications this week… even if it’s with your Angels.  You can also reach out to people from your past.
  4. In the past, using logic would work when dealing with unexpected events….  You now need   to use emotional intelligence and communication to resolve issues.
  5. This week is all about your healing; not so much humanity’s healing. It’s important that your heart is strong; that is the only way humanity will heal…  each of us must heal our personal wounds and thus humanity will be restored.
  6. Celebrate love and kindness whenever you see it! Don’t leave love hanging in the air… grab  it!
  7. Last but not least, don’t be afraid of your ability to pick up messages and communicate in new ways. You may find your intuitive skills are working over time!

Have fun and enjoy your ability to heal and celebrate your life!