Resources for an Inspired Life

May 13, 2020 | What The Universe Is Trying To Tell You

Resources for an Inspired Life

Our world is created by a continuous flow of dynamic energy. We are constantly sharing, receiving, and evolving in spirit, including our bodies and minds. This concept once was considered new thought, and now it’s widely recognized.

Ask yourself, are you enjoying the flow of new energy, or struggling with change?

Each of us has the ability to manifest our dreams and enjoy a positive flow in life. To master this, we come into this world with assistance from the unseen world. We have Angels and Guides that are always with us. Ultimately, with their help, our life is inspired and sacred.  We achieve awakening as we learn how to communicate and co-create with our Universal energy, Angels, Guides, and all that is.  The crux is discovering our unique life directory and language.

Here are some tips on how to create a blessed life journey with the help of your Angels and Guides. Follow these simple suggestions and your world will change.  It’s easy, and part of you, already knows what to do.

First, know that ultimately we will all evolve in unison with the universe. This means, we as individuals are part of the fusion of energies that is taking place. There is a huge transformation occurring, and we are living at the perfect time to experience it! This shift is made of pure potential and love.

Acknowledge, transitions can feel like a struggle when you don’t let go of the past, or you want to control the future. Change is part of every life; learning to adapt is key for peace and balance.

Let’s focus on our Angels now. One of the easiest ways to work with Angels is to identify what type of energy you want. In other words, what do you desire in your life? For example, if you are seeking comfort, focus on the energy of love, and call in your Angels.  You have Angels all around you, just waiting for you to open up and receive their energy. As soon as you begin thinking, believing, and feeling the love, your Angels are full force sharing love with you. Your Angels will help you attract love, (or whatever you are seeking) by sharing their transformative energy with you. Think of this as an activation of angelic energy. They only need you to open the door with your thoughts.

Angelic energy is high vibration. The more you use it, the easier it is to connect.  It is never too late or too early in life to work with your Angels. The only thing that will prevent you from success with your Angels, is not believing. They will always respond to you in a way that catches your attention. Some people feel them, or hear them. Other people experience them through signs like repeated numbers, or synchronicities. Have fun watching your Angel vocabulary grow.

Slowing down and connecting with gratitude is an easy way to open your heart. Invite your Angels into your sacred heart space, and ask for activation. You can try this in meditation or prayer. Connecting with our Angels has never been easier. They are here to help with our transformations, both individually and globally.  Discover how your Angels communicate with you and experience our world on a different level.

You also have Guides that help keep you on your path. Their energy lights up and brings to your attention, and experiences created just for you. Your Guides will provide thoughts and encounters that feel familiar. Similar to when you experience deja vu.  It is almost like a magnet pulls you forward into a new experience. When you feel inspired by unexpected thoughts, thank your Guides.  An example of this is when you begin studying a new subject that you can’t get enough of, ask your guides for spiritual wisdom that is their specialty.

The energy of your Guides is high vibration also, but they have the ability to meet you on a human thought process. Guides understand why you are resisting change. They are always with you bringing new choices for your consciousness to align with. Your Guides work with you, regardless of your belief system, but if you want breakthroughs in all areas of your life, recognize their commitment to you and your success. Say thank you for your new thought processes and ask for guidance especially in finding your higher purpose.

One of the best ways to keep an open channel of communication with your Guides and Angels is to decrease your stress. Practice self-care. Eat nourishing, kind foods that serve your body and mind.  Meditating is perfect for lowering your stress level. Spending time in nature and gratitude are ways to easily deepen the connection with Angels and Guides. Have fun discovering who you are guided by. Meet the different Angels and Guides that aid you during special life lessons. Learn who guides you through your entire life journey.

The simpler your life is, the easier it is to adapt to the changes.  Declutter your life, live kindly, and you too will experience sacred moments every day.

Channeled Message

Our Universe has created great waves of new energy that offers everyone a new vibration to expand in. This energy has been released and is bringing transformation where ever it lands.  It leaves behind new ideas and awareness for humanity to bond with.

This energy shares kindness and compassion like never before.  Know that some will experience fear, but most will trust, as the old way unravels and new thoughts emerge.

Practice reaching for the stars and see your planet as healed.  We guide you in the deepest way possible. When you are ready, all thoughts will merge.

End of channel

I am occasionally offering channeled sessions over zoom for free 🙂  If you are interested in attending please contact me.  I will send you an emailed invite over zoom.

Blessings of wellness and Peace,



After writing this blog, I decided to go for a very steep hike in the heat.  It was hot!!  On the way down the mountain I was offered ice-cold water.  This lovely man hikes up the trail several times day offering cold water.  I told him that he reminded me of an Angel. His nickname is the Water, Angel.  He is famous for his good deeds on Camelback Mountain.

Thank you to all Angels, however, they show up in life!

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