Energy of the Week May 10, 2020

May 10, 2020 | Energy of the Week

Energy of the Week May 10, 2020

Imagine your happiness when your door opens, and all you can see is opportunities. You stand in the doorway, with a table of nourishment behind you. The sun is kissing your skin, and your gaze rests on the endless blue sky. There are orchards with fruit trees that call you.  As you walk through the trees on a path, you can only touch the green leaves, or the sturdy body of the tree.  All of the fruit is just out of reach.

Your mind begins to focus on what it doesn’t have, the fruit.  The back of your mind knows that you just walked away from a table full of abundance. You also have Sun, water, and other graces in your life; everything you need to thrive.

You notice a ladder next to one of the trees. Your curiosity pushes you to move the ladder under one of the low branches. As you move up the ladder, it shifts under your weight. The base is resting on uneven ground.  You climb just high enough to touch your favorite fruit, a mango.  As you reach for the fruit it shifts slightly out of reach. You lean farther into the tree and are able to grasp the fruit. As you tug at the hard mango, the branch begins to bend.  It is not ripe or ready to be released. At this point do you have the patience to wait until the fruit ripens, or will you pick it too early and not even enjoy the taste?

What in your life are you trying to rush?  Is there anything that needs more stable groundwork and ripening, before you will fully benefit?  There is abundance around each of us; this week looks at what you are blessed with. What are you willing to patiently wait for, as it ripens perfectly?

This week focuses on the comfort you already have in place.  Take time to get grounded and stable before you make your move.  Your intellect is sharp now.  You have the ability to communicate your needs.  Share with the Universe and loved ones what you want in your life.  Allow yourself to celebrate everything you currently have and know you have the will power to succeed in your desires.

Now is the time to be the leader of YOUR life. Focus on discipline and create healthy practices.  Allow your intuitive nature to guide and nurture you.  Your power rests in your ability to be patient and flexible during this time of rebirth.  Recognize where luck and good fortune gift you this week.  Ignore the desire to overindulge.

This week we all have grounding, comfort, and dependable energy surrounding us. We also have curious and adaptable energy available.  Work hard and express gratitude for what you have. Honor the intuitive side of you.  Allow both inspiration and patience to bring balance to your life.

Enjoy this week!

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