Energy of the Week May 3, 2020

I love this week for making a breakthrough in discovering what your ideal work environment and dream job is. You might begin to understand what you need for success.  Don’t be surprised if you find yourself lost in time as you create your ideal place in the world.

Imagine sitting at a table that has an infinite number of puzzle pieces.  You have been assigned the task of creating something meaningful. At first, you are overwhelmed and even unsure of what or how to create.  The pieces appear to not fit together or make sense, just a bunch of randomness.

As you gently begin shifting things around, you slowly see patterns and designs forming. It is almost effortless on your part. You are gifted insight on how it is all perception that allows us to see life as meaningful, or not. You see that there has been a purpose in everything that has unfolded in your life. You gain insight into what makes you feel balanced and how you want to serve in our world. You understand your gift and how to share it. Finally the pieces add up to something you can relate to.

This week we all need to spend more time in meditation. It is too easy to feel stuck at home. There is lots to explore, beginning on the inside.  We need to take care of our inner wealth and abundance 🙂

Increase your fluids this week.

We also may feel the urge to grow up and get serious about something, and truly this is the time to commit to something that can bring you happiness and share beauty with the world.

We are also being asked to follow our instinct. Trust your intuition. It may be telling you something much different then what the outside world is sharing.

Look for steady communication and the possibility of breaking barriers with good communication. It is possible to connect with people that can help your dreams come true. Believe in yourself and your dreams.

Don’t settle. Use this amazing energy that can help your professional dreams come true!

Enjoy your success!