Cosmic Mix

Apr 29, 2020 | What The Universe Is Trying To Tell You

Cosmic Mix

An interesting scene unfolded before me. Two women deep in conversation walked down the street. One was dragging a much-used suitcase, and both were drinking from sparkling champagne flutes. They acted as if it was an everyday outing. It was the combination of crystal glassware and a battered suitcase that caught my attention. This was in contrast to the manicured neighborhood they walked through.

The following morning I was hiking when a bird landed on the trail about seven feet in front of me.  My puppy and I watched a very large rattlesnake come out of the grass on one side of the trail. It slithered right past the bird and disappeared into dried grass on the opposite side.  As we walked by, I could only see the rattles and part of the tail, the head and body were completely hidden.  There was something comforting about observing the bird and the snake experiencing the only life they know.

Our world holds vast opportunities for very unique and rich experiences. We have the potential for amazing views, sounds, tastes, and colors. Every possibility we can think of, can be created. This concept is the foundation of the Law of Attraction.  It is a popular practice used to manifest what you want in life. It encourages ownership for what shows up on your life path, or drive home.

I practice the Law of Attraction, but I am aware that there are other things at play in the cosmic mix of our collective life. I know the pull of Earth, the stars and other planets play a major role in all of our experiences, including birth and death. We hold connections to the energy of the stars and planets in our hearts, minds, and bodies.

Part of our life experience is created before our first breath is pulled in.

Imagine that long before your heart and soul shifted into alignment with your current body, a plan was designed. Your highest self-decided how the energy of the planets and stars would best play into your next life. Each individual has been created with an insight that welcomes karmic lessons. We have each received carefully chosen strengths and challenges to help us fully understand love and compassion in all forms.

Our hearts, minds, and souls continue to experience many hues of love and compassion, each one bringing new awareness to the light of Eternity.

Before birth, our hearts are pure love. Our souls are Universal wisdom with the awareness of all that is. Our minds know only truths. Together the heart, mind, and soul reach out through the void of pure potential and ask for the guidance of the planets to help create a new spark of consciousness.

We are the sparks of new consciousness.

The planets make a connection that allows them to share their unique energy. Lines of energetic attachment, between the planets, our hearts, and souls are formed. They are placed strategically on points within our hearts and souls. The points of contact create a map of contrast and aspects of each life.  They influence our minds and help hold the history of every soul including all the karmic lessons. With these connections you have the ability to move with the rhythms of the Universe. They provide direction and stability while living on the Earth, and eventually they help guide us home beyond the stars.

We are given the gift of the Universe’s guidance; it is always available.  Developing a practice of connecting to individual planets will bring more personal control into your life. It will decrease the randomness of life. We can do this by astrological readings. We can also do this by discovering what gift each planet brings to our life?

I am sharing the guidance of two planets today. Their energy can help us move through this time of recalibration. One radiates love and grace, and one breaks down structures, habits, and beliefs; and paves the way for a major transformation. Tapping into Venus and Pluto will help each of us move through this time with grace, dignity and come out on the other side transformed into a kinder, gentler being.

Think of Venus as the eccentric girlfriend that is always there for you.  If you just suffered a bad break up she knows just how to lighten your mood.  If you are seeking fine art for your home, she knows the perfect secret shop to take you. If you are looking for your ideal partner, Venus can help.  She is your source for everything lovely, beautiful, and even a little naughty.  All you need to do is reach out to her.

Think of Pluto as your life coach that promises to help you experience all the transformations that you dreamed of. Pluto will break down and remove what is preventing you from achieving your excellence. Pluto also brings into your life what will cause you to pause and evolve. Pluto is passion, death, renewal, and resides in your subconscious. The key to thriving when transformation uncoils in your life is to slow down and let go of your plan.

I see the imprint of both Venus and Pluto as they guided the women with the deteriorating suitcase. The women lovingly supported each other (Venus) and happened to bring a remembrance of something beautiful from the place they left. Chrystal champagne flutes are a perfect gift from Venus, as she promises more love and beauty.  Pluto was by their side guiding them to their next landing spot.

He made sure they didn’t bring too much baggage, only what would fit in a suitcase.  The suitcase could soon completely fall apart relieving them of their burdens.

The rattlesnake on the trail was a reminder that transition is only part of our life. Much of life is harmonious and aligned with our outer world.  I was also reminded of how to adjust during times of transformation. When shedding their skin, snakes slow down. Some even experience decreased vision. When their vision clears they move on. Pluto slows us down and influences our awareness. He helps put us on our intended path, and then we can safely continue our journey.  Regardless of who we are, showing respect and gratitude for the transformations eliminates the poison of fear in our world.

Channeled Message

Feel yourself move easily through the passageway. Slowly you remove articles of clothing that no longer serve you. You begin to release thoughts and habits that no longer fit. As your heart and mind lighten, your body changes. You appear as a light form (transparent). As you near the end of the tunnel, it is time for you to decide if you are still with your body or moving beyond, flying home through the stars. Either way, you are loved and contribute to the vibrational shift that aligns with the highest form of consciousness.

You are so grateful for your body.  It delivered exactly what was needed for your mind, heart, and soul to experience such a brilliant contrast in this world. The lessons have been difficult but so rewarding. To experience the gift of birth, love, and even death has offered more breadth to our Universe.

You pause and think of what you have loved most in this life. You reach out and touch the souls of your loved ones, and it is here that you decide on your next transformation.

End Channeled Message

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