Energy of the Week April 26, 2020

Apr 26, 2020 | Energy of the Week

Energy of the Week April 26, 2020

Imagine you are on a train slowly pulling away from a station. This station was not a physical place. It was more of a lifestyle than something tangible. Looking out the window you see it is raining and foggy. The environmental conditions are making it difficult to see beyond a couple of feet.

You are warm and comfortable inside, but your back is facing the front of the train. You have not yet finished your goodbyes to your old way of life. There is something hard to let go of.  Do you know what it is? This is preventing you from turning around and fully facing your new life.

This week is all about fully facing your new life and knowing you have nothing to fear. There might be new rules in conduct and the environment might feel different, but there is nothing to fear.

Turn around and face your future. Greet the new opportunities with eyes and arms wide open.

Remember you can hop off the train whenever you want, although it is advised to put some thought into where you want to land.

This week the planets are sharing the energy of governments being favored, or at least the potential for this. The struggle will be the same as last week, the battle between focusing on government that shines on only a few people versus larger groups.

Watch for (2) people that work closely together. They will be getting some negative attention. It looks like it might be Jared Kushner and Ivanka. They will stand together but begin distancing themselves from a situation. We will see more pressure in the middle, this is the middle class.  It is also the moderates. It becomes a time to stand up for your beliefs. It is not so easy to live in the middle with lots of tension there.

We will also see lots of people seeking attention on themselves or their cause. These displays of attention-seeking behavior will hopefully be ignored.  It is possible to look below the loudness and see the truth.

The challenge is knowing that it is safe to stand for the wellness of all.  Little by little, the group that works for the collective wellness (including animals), this group will grow.  We might not see it immediately, but the tide is turning that welcomes all into the Earth energy that is balancing itself.

We are also being asked to look at our mind, body, and spirit wellness.  What practices are supporting your wellness? How can you help others support their wellness?

We will see people curious and searching for something new. This is good if we are looking with love in our hearts. It’s not so good if people acting out of anger and seeking reactions. We will begin to feel a stir to start something new, planting something for the future.

The theme of transitioning into a group consciousness that is holistic and kind will be with us for some time. The way to move easily with this energy is to make choices from your heart, a place of kindness.  The more we pull fear into the equation, the messier and more difficult this energy is.

So enjoy the transition, feel the love, and spread your arms wide open to receive all the goodness.

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