Energy of the Week April 19, 2020

Apr 19, 2020 | Energy of the Week

Energy of the Week April 19, 2020

Here we are in the moment of ultimate distractions. Imagine being in a place, where you are trying to focus on one thing. Maybe it’s closing a deal or working on a project from home. Or maybe you are just trying to escape the reality that you need to be accountable in your life. In order to handle the chaos or noise surrounding you, a sacrifice is made. You grab something that will catch other people’s attention and throw it hard.

Here is the important part. Are you throwing around words to create drama? Are you throwing around secrets that you swore you would never share? Are you throwing around your fear in an attempt to keep others feeling unsettled?

This week it is really important to pay attention to what you are finding distracting. It’s also important to pay attention to what you are willing to sacrifice, to experience less emotional pressure.

Also, who is trying to distract you from the truth? If you feel like someone is dangling a carrot for you to join their group or thought, walk away.

This week we all need to practice calming techniques, meditation, visualization, or yoga. Good news, people will begin trickling out of their hunker down. Jobs will begin to start up and people will begin to look for new hires.

The planets might have us all feeling a little stubborn and emotional right now, with people seeking to be the center of attention. Here’s the good thing, it is easy to tap into loyalty this week and also find comfort and contentment in the home. Be creative.

Don’t be surprised if things get bogged down in details and documents get dismissed if not completely in order. Take your time and make sure anything being submitted is correct. We have Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn in Capricorn of the 6th house. If everything is in order it can move through. 🙂

I do like the fact that we can communicate lovingly this week. This is not just for our close relationships but for humanity at large. Mars is lending Venus extra love to communicate in a bigger, loving way.

With the Moon and Mercury in Aries 9th house, this is a great time to gain a new perspective in life. Take an online course in something you’re curious about. Maybe learn a new language and plan a trip for some time in the future.

Tips for this week:

  1. Learn something new
  2. Stay focused, don’t get distracted by the drama
  3. Communicate lovingly
  4. Pay attention to the details on any application or document submitted
  5. It’s also time to think about how each of us individually can serve the collective.
  6. Notice how you are reacting to stress. Meditate, use mantras, and watch happy movies.

Enjoy!  Let me know how this fits with your week


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