Welcome to the transformational energy of November 28, 2021

Before I settle in to write my Energy of the Week, I always get an image and need to figure out what the meaning is … This week I was shown what looked like a funnel or even an upside down bee’s hive .. I had to ask the meaning of this image Here it is: Some of us may feel like we are falling head first into a bottomless pit and every time we reach for something sweet or satisfying in the moment we are allowing ourselves to be distracted by this amazing energy that is supporting us in our personal transformation.. As you let go of your desires or distractions or even beliefs of how life must be …. You will find yourself almost frozen in time. It is here that you notice that the limitations fall away and you no longer see what is right , wrong , up or down.. it is completely up to the individual to decide how they want to view the world .. it is also easier to commune with the stars and galaxies this week .. so open up your heart, let go of distractions and enjoy the powerful transformative energy …. If you are feeling really open reach out to your brothers and sisters from other galaxies.. and maybe we will read about an encounter with a being from another planet .. certainly it will be easier to experience time travel, gain insight on your past lives and all the beautiful stories your soul has been holding and keeping safe; waiting for you to be ready ♥️♥️