Welcome to the Energy of the Week for October 19, 2020

This week is all about remembering that life is beautiful, we just need to look for it Imagine seeing yourself attempting to do a tree pose and losing your balance, over and over again. You are not quite flexible or grounded enough to maintain the balance until you change your perception to one of appreciating the moment. Appreciating, what the commitment to finding your peaceful strength brings into your life, and suddenly you are standing tall like a tree in gratitude, so good.

This week is finding the balance, the peaceful strength that we all carry inside. Until you commit to this practice of connecting to peace and calm strength there will be a struggle to live in harmony. Your mind is beginning to see the beauty of being of service. Your conscious self is opening up to the possibility of transformation that includes abundance and happiness. Your mind is beginning to let go of the struggle and embrace the calm, you only need to remember. The possibility of love blooming is sitting at our feet, just embrace it ✨.

Look for a teacher to come into your life that will help you remember your priorities. This teacher might not be a person, but an event or life experience. This teacher can bring empowerment and healing, and so an inspired spark of energy lands in your heart and wakes you up, where ever you are, at last, you remember ✨❤️.

Enjoy this time of miracles and transformations. Remember what starts at this moment will be felt through eternity ✨❤️