Welcome to the Seductive and Emotional Energy of the Week for October 9, 2022

I call this energy seductive because you may feel pulled to uproot things and explore or try new things because of a small flash of … What If .. How would this feel?.. Can I do this ? So take a pause before committing to anything completely out of character. This week we are surrounded in deep, beautiful and real emotions. They are swirling around more then flowing . At times you may feel like you are being sandbagged .. you can’t get up and make changes . That is what prompts the reactions of trying something, new, different and bold .. out of character .. Don’t resist the feeling of being stuck .. embrace the pause and begin to notice what is being illuminated in this full moon . Next look at what is being reflected back to you .. look for the calm, peace and other attributes that you seek .. See them in others .. last but not least don’t be surprised if people try to throw their fears and insecurities on you. Act natural and don’t show up in any way that is not true to you. This is a great week to really look at what you want in your world .. reflect it .. share it.. be it .. enjoy our beautiful potential 🌎❤️🔮