Welcome to the transformational energy of September 19, 2021

We have two themes:

1: Look for ways to celebrate your joy and empower yourself.

2. What are you identifying with, collecting or trying to collect?

Let’s first talk about the self empowerment. It is time for you to reconnect with the things that bring you joy and a feeling of power over your life. I’m not talking about competing or striving against another. I’m talking about doing something that makes you feel strong and invincible. it’s not about anyone but you. Imagine how it feels to make it to the top of a peak or finish a project. This week focus on joyful expression of self empowerment.

Now let’s look at what we are collecting. This can be a big indicator of our self identify. What type of people are you collecting?  What type of experiences are you collecting? Have you noticed that there are some things that, regardless of how hard you try, they will not fit into your life? It’s like picking up sticks from the ground. There are a couple that keep dropping out of your hands. This week look at what seems to be evading you. Mostly ask yourself if receiving needs to be this difficult, spoiler alert, receiving requires no effort at all. Explore what and who are you collecting, what does it say about you? Have fun this week being joyful and empowered, and aware. ♥️🌅