Where Do Ethics And Spirituality Both Thrive?

Sep 15, 2021 | Bi-Weekly Blog

Where Do Ethics And Spirituality Both Thrive?

Spiritual and metaphysical practitioners and shops have become increasingly easy to find both online and brick and mortar stores.  We can hire a psychic, a coach, buy crystals and essential oils very easily now.  Part of me loves this, but part of me wonders if this is a place where ethics and spirituality can thrive together.

Years ago, I became certified as a life coach.  The certification was not required, but I felt it carried some reference to credibility.  There was nothing riveting offered in the class.  Most of the material seemed like common sense, and my background in nursing certainly helped.  The class was an eye opener; many people with a huge variety of skills sets and backgrounds had the desire to help others.

I also became certified as an Angel reader.  The certification is a little cringy, but again, I felt it showed some intention of training.  What I now offer clients is from years of experience and my ability to connect with the other side.  This ultimately is what makes psychics and mediums skillful.

There is no regulation on psychics, mediums, energy workers, or coaches.   I’m not saying that there should be formal guidance, but I do believe ethics and talent should play a significant role in the longevity and success of all practitioners.

Marketing is sometimes the biggest factor in the business accomplishments of coaches, psychics and other healers.

I adhere to the idea that people will find the energy worker or healer, that is the best fit for them.

I also know that each of us needs to pay attention to how we feel around the practitioner.  Be discerning, how does their advice sit with you?  Do they have a scheme to get you to spend more money?  It is very important for energy workers to make referrals to medical and mental health experts and legal advice.  In recent times there have been spiritual advisors sharing their opinions of the pandemic as fact.  Sometimes the best guidance a client can receive is a referral to an appropriate provider.

The beauty of our wide-open system is, you should be able to find a practitioner that is a good fit for you.  They each have their own style and approach to sharing information.  Trust your own intuitive abilities.

I love the following quote by John Gerzma.

“Transparency, honesty, kindness, good stewardship, even humor, work in businesses at all times.” – John Gerzema

It is time for all healers to collectively come up with an oath, similar to the Hippocratic Oath.  A promise of, “first do no harm.”

Even though there are no regulations, do your homework.  When you are on the market for spiritual guidance, go to practitioners who demonstrate professional behaviors.  Read their reviews and testimonials.  Together, our discernment can create an environment where the ethical practitioners will thrive with or without regulations.

What about Essential Oils and Crystals?

Essential oils are a huge business, they are even found in mainstream stores.  The marketing for essential oils, as home remedies, has been very successful.  Hidden beneath the promise of healing, is the potential harm to environmental resources, workers health, and potential unhealthy additives to the oil.   When possible, find an expert in essential oils that knows exactly where the plants are growing, who is harvesting them and what chemicals or other oils are being added.

The crystal market might be an even bigger business opportunity than selling essential oils.  Crystals are on clothing, jewelry, and of course, sold for their healing properties.  The diamond industry was exposed regarding child labor, worker rights and environmental practices.  We need to have the same mindset when buying crystals.  Are they ethically mined?  Is it a sustainable practice?  Some crystals come from places with deep political unrest.  Like anything else, we need to explore what our money is supporting.

Do the businesses and practices that you support match your moral compass?  This can be very revealing and indicates if your heart and lifestyle are aligned.

If you are seeking an ethical source for crystals and oils contact me.  I trust the research both of my suppliers have done.

If you are interested in reading, coaching or attending a retreat with me, I would love to hear from you.  Contact through my website at Pollywirum.com.

Channeled Message

When seeking the answers or solutions from an outside source, allow yourself to gently turn inward.

You will experience all that is known and has ever been known.

The energy that we live in and co create with, isn’t recycled, but it has been in all forms through eternity.

Energy carries yours and my dreams, and has observed the creation of all that is.

All that we seek is being carried in a little pocket of creation next to our heart.

Share this creative energy with those you love; and get ready for a spark of creation to call your name into a new dimension of consciousness.

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