Energy of the Week September 20, 2020

Sep 21, 2020 | Energy of the Week

Welcome to the Energy of the Week for September 20, 2020

Imagine sitting in your home, you look outside, and can see the embers still burning from a past fire. You can go out and start cleaning up the destruction caused by misinformation, poor planning, and past heartache, or you can look for a different viewpoint… from the back of the home… past connections… memories of the past… and even opportunities from the past that you overlooked… you begin to feel a fresh breeze carrying confidence, loyalty, humility, and awareness. This brings new awareness to your vision. You see new growth from the fire. The skies are clearing and it is time to call in who you trust. It is time to make changes.
This week the universe offers new opportunities for letting go and making changes. If you ignore these opportunities, the changes will still occur, only they will show up as a life lesson versus an easier accomplishment.
You may be experiencing the desire for harmony and wanting others to see you as successful.

You also may be feeling deeper than usual emotions; that brings you into an awareness of the depth of what our universe offers.

This week calls for determining what of your childhood and past is connected to who you really are and what you no longer need.

Your mind is sharp and brilliant this week and struggles with going it alone or bringing in your tribe as you create a new foundation in your life.

You will find ease in receiving deep intuitive knowing.

You will do well with the desired transformation if you commit to a healthy practice like mediation, healthy eating, etc.

Your Mind can easily find new things to love this week.

Some of your challenges are finding peace or acceptance with those you disagree with… emotions can run wild in your home or with family and loved ones.
You may struggle with what actions to take in order to receive what you want … if this is the case… look at what you need to let go of… beliefs, relationships, habits, etc.
Enjoy this very powerful week 🙂

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