Energy of the Week September 28, 2020

Sep 29, 2020 | Energy of the Week

Welcome to the Energy of the Week for September 28, 2020

I will be honest with you… there are a couple of hard, jagged dramas running around. Don’t allow yourself to get gobbled up by other people’s life choices. We will see this in every landscape. People deciding that they don’t have to be held accountable for their choices and actions. Don’t get pulled into believing it is your problem to solve. Step back and allow it to unfold without you getting pulled into the mix.

One of these weeks’ questions is what is more important, your happiness/calm or the happiness of your partner and all those around you. There will be opportunities to set boundaries and prioritize who you are putting first in your life.

Interestingly there are lots of abundances available this week. You may discover money, inheritance, tax refunds the unexpected thus week. How do you share the wealth?
It is not just financial wealth that you are sharing, but how are you sharing the abundance of other stuff that comes into your life this week?
Boundaries and prioritizing everything will bring balance into your life. Next, celebrate your good fortune, you have already entered a streak of generosity from the universe… have you noticed? Have you celebrated

You also may be recognized for things that you have, that is uniquely yours… nobody else has this… maybe in the past, these traits were not valued… they are now ✨
So enjoy this time… it’s sweet, powerful, and only complicated if you make it complicated.

I will meet you at the top of the peak to celebrate the success of life well lived. Breathe deep and trust you are making all the right decisions, and you would not be in this position if you were not able to handle it 💥✨🙏🌙.
Keep me posted on your abundance✨.

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