Welcome to the Energy of the Week for September 8, 2020

This week is all about new inspiration, new thoughts, and new challenges. It is about becoming the best version of yourself by how you react or don’t react in the face of potential conflict. Imagine last week you were stretched out of your comfort zone and began to see new possibilities. You beautifully stretched until you snapped and came back to a point of rest… well done. You now are filled with beautiful new opportunities just waiting to be explored.
Part of you will experience a desire to serve humanity in some way… hold this thought. It will come in handy but do not take action for action’s sake. You must be deliberate and communicate well.
Your emotions can be beautifully balanced this week, nurturing your mind and home with beautiful practices. These practices are key to your personal development.
Part of you may want to languish at home, but feel pressure for change. Remember that the change you want requires purposeful action.

A piece of this week is learning how to communicate with those you love, it is easier to retreat inward. Practicing good communication is the backbone of your success. It might feel like a struggle to give back to your tribe versus focusing on your self. This goes back to wanting to serve others. It is important to follow the path of your desires and see why the seed was planted. Your purposeful action that supports who you really are; will bloom into something beautiful. So this week pay attention to your deepest desires and dreams. Life can speed up away from this moment of purposeful pause. You are now living a life with more potential than ever. Breathe deep and enjoy.