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Mar 23, 2017 | Past Lives, Current Loves, & Your Future

Hello and thank you for sharing this time with me!
I just finished the chaos of Spring break. My kids and I accomplished getting two prom dresses, opening a bank account and my ten year old knows exactly what he is doing with his life…. What more can I ask for?Seriously though .. Do you know what you want to do with your life? How do you want to live and what is the guiding force in your life? When you really want to get the answer who do you turn to?

I Hope You Also Take Some Time To Turn Inward

There are lots of different places where we seek answers; family, friends, and life coaches. These options can be very helpful. I hope you also take some time to turn inward. You can ask your questions before you fall asleep or prior to meditation. You can ask your angels and guides… out loud or silently in your mind any time you want!

Many, many blessings to you this Spring!

A Channeled Message For You!
Please read the message below as though it is coming
from a higher source…..these are not Polly’s words. 
​An additional note about channeled words….
When I receive messages to share in my newsletters, it comes out really fast.  The words almost flow on top of each other.  I go back and edit and
try to clarify it so others can understand the message I receive.
I believe it’s more important to connect with the way you feel
with the words, and then try to understand them.
Although these are challenging concepts to understand!

On a side note….. I know that there are many Teachers from many religions and even many teachers that are not affiliated with a religion at all. Yet this little story came thru when I asked for guidance and so I wanted to share it.Thghou the ages, many times people or persons have tried, to no avail, to put an end to humanity or the human evolution. Trust that again we will not allow confusion to hinder your purpose of displaying love and beautiful passages , art and scholarly progress..​

We are fascinated by the perseverance of mankind to share their gifts.. time and time again a storm arises and it will be followed by the rainbow of light that carries the energy of love… of connection and wholeness.. 

I want to tell you the story of a little boy that was born long ago to parents. This story is of Jesus and the many Christ like saviors that have come to this world time and time again to bless the world with such compassion and wisdom and completeness.. The time is upon us again.. There are many individuals that are here in this time to lead the way to peace…
Years ago there was a boy name Jesus.. he lived a very simple life.. his dad was a cobbler his mother washed clothes.. they shared their bread with the poor… the father was a gifted story teller… The boy grew up hearing these stories of far away places.. The boy had the desire to travel and share stories.. but to also care for his aging parents..
The boy was shown in a vision that his parents would be cared for.. He began his journey of traveling and telling stories.. never sure where he would stay at night or where his food would come from. He followed the guidance of his angels never loosing faith in his journey.. Never believing it was more then a journey that entailed sharing stories and prophices to the villages he traveled to… His following became much greater.. He never lost sight on his basic desire to spread the word of compassion and the energy of love. He knew his needs were being met.. He knew his parents were being cared for.. He had faith and trusted in the will of God… per the conversation with his Angels… As his following grew on Earth his following of Angels grew in Heaven… He began noticing his abilities to transcend his body.. His energy was changing as his group of Angels grew… He was able to perform miracles.
This is not to say strife did not exist for him… quite the contrary… but he never allowed the strife to effect his goal of sharing love and compassion.. In fact he believed it was part of the process… He learned that some beings (people) need to experience strife to make sense of what they have in their life… Some beings need to experience what they consider a loss. It helps heal a place deep inside. Loss can be a tool for learning that you are enough as you are… Seek for answers no further then deep inside you. This is where you connect with the divine. You always have your team of Angels and guides at your side. The more you connect with the Angelic community.. the more angels and guides you have just waiting to assist you.
Truthfully there is no end to this story . It is replayed everyday. You all have the ability to connect and spread the words of compassion, strength and courage. Know that if you are sharing your gifts of love , gratitude and insight you are just where you should be… helping the Angels and you in turn will always be guided and protected..

We ask that you take time daily to connect to your personal guidance.. trust in the process.. You are brought into this world with the collective energy of love. This energy can grow and guide you throughout life.. Imagine being placed in the center of this divine energy… It’s always with you . You can increase it by actively working with your angels and guides.. You will notice more and more miracles at hand.

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