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Feb 22, 2017 | What The Universe Is Trying To Tell You

Hello Everyone!

It is time to connect to the higher vibrations! Yesterday I was busy with appointments followed by family activities. I was in my get things done mode. While running errands I stopped by a kiosk to get a hot drink. When I purchased mine I paid for another customer. This simple act totally changed my mood. The lovely customer was so surprised. She literally almost cried and said it was the nicest thing anybody has done for her in a long time.

One of the easiest ways to raise your energy is to practice random acts of kindness

​It was such a great reminder that one of the easiest ways to raise your energy is to practice random acts of kindness. So I encourage us all to practice random acts of kindness!
One of the really nice things about this moment… is how it’s easier than ever to connect with higher vibrations. I feel like the higher vibration energy source is somehow being made more readily available to us.

​This is wonderful news! It allows us to manifest easier. It allows us to connect with our Angels and guides easier. It also gives us more clarity and just helps us feel better.
So how are you going to make the connection? Easy. Random acts of kindness, prayer, meditation, laughter and faith! It’s everything that you have heard or read before, but it will be easier to see the results! Go ahead and create the life you love!

Wishing you beautiful adventures,



A Channeled Message For You!

Please read the message below as though it is coming
from a higher source…..these are not Polly’s words.

An additional note about channeled words….
When I receive messages to share in my newsletters, it comes out really fast. The words almost flow on top of each other. I go back and edit and try to clarify it so others can understand the message I receive. I believe it’s more important to connect with the way you feel with the words, and then try to understand them.
Although these are challenging concepts to understand!


​Good morning..

We think it is important for you to understand the majestic part of you that each individual carries. You can imagine a light that is in each of your DNA strands. Each of you individually is vital to the whole or the completion of the sound and color formation of the universe. At any given time you are unconsciously contributing to the spectrum of the energy in our universe. This collective song is what continues to carry messages that tie the past, present and future or the universal whole together. The term past, present and future is for the sake of comprehension …It is all happening now.
​Imagine visually the collective song looks like the Northern lights. It is a beautiful field of colorful energy that is always moving and never static .. this is much like the collective energy that is emitted from each of you . Each of us carries an important tone in the song of the universe and carries an important color in the spectrum of life.

The Beauty of this individual light is how it holds your essence combined with the light of the universe or God /source. This is your truest self. This is your soul.. We want you to treasure and nurture / value your individual awareness / connection to source. This light is collectively your personal journey thru all your lives and experiences in all realms. It is your wisdom and greatest accomplishment.

Imagine this light, your soul, always connecting and communicating with source, Angels and even your loved ones on the other side. Imagine this light is always in the process of activating light in others and exchanging energy with what people think of as Heaven. You are always in contact with your loved ones that have crossed over, your soul group and source.

What does it take for an individual to believe to garner faith in the heavenly bodies within? We say heavenly bodies within because the light you carry with in is the light of all. Hark back to when you were a little girl or boy and you knew that life from other planes existed. Yes you knew. You knew you were never alone. You understood the mysteries of the world. There is a time in all lives where an open heart exists. It is an open heart that allows the presence of God in all beings to flourish.. As confusion in this life expands we put more awareness on the confusion and less on the bright light that knows universal truth. The universal truth is the absence of doubt and confusion.

We are in a time where connecting to doubt is easy. This is truly creating some universal noise.. But beyond the noise we all continue to connect to the colors and sounds of love in our collective consciousness.

Why do we want you to know this? We stress that each of you is important to the wholeness of our consciousness .. each of you carries a beauty that is stunning in its glory and completes the universal consciousness. So when challenges arise or you find yourself questioning your importance.. please remember each of you is treasured and necessary for the completion of our story..

Also imagine that with your first breath this collective light energy settles in near your heart chakra. With your last breath it will leave your physical body. In between your first and last breath is helps keep you connected to your unique place in the Universe.

~ End Channeled Message

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