Seven Ways to Protect You and Your Loved One’s From Negative or Dark Energy

Sep 29, 2021 | Bi-Weekly Blog

Seven Ways to Protect You and Your Loved One’s From Negative or Dark Energy

Have you ever wondered if there is bad, or negative energy floating around like a cloud just waiting for you to bump into it? Or maybe you have wondered if you have been cursed? I am going to help you release these concerns and share with you how to protect yourself from negative or dark energy.

This week I had several people reach out to me regarding negative or dark energy. One person felt a presence that she wasn’t sure was good or bad. I applaud her for tuning in and asking herself what the energy felt like. I reminded her that she is in control. Whatever is wanting to get her attention, she has the power to turn it away. I will share more on these invincible protection techniques later on.

Negative energy is only as strong as we allow it to be.

With that being said, there are geographical places that are full of dense, heavy, and negative feeling energy. Locations and events that have a history of unhealthy behaviors, addictions, violence, and substance abuse, hold toxic energy. Especially if it’s an indoor setting where it is easier for energy to remain undisturbed.

People often ask me if I’m worried about negative energy and ask how I protect myself. This prompted me to share some very easy and basic ways to keep your life filled with light.

Seven Ways to Protect You and Your Loved Ones From Negative Energy

1.The first form of protection is monitoring your thoughts. Thinking dark and cloudy thoughts about yourself, others or the world at large, is creating a storm of negative energy that will follow you around, until you break the pattern.

Does this mean you are just one thought away from negative energy? No. It takes a consistent amount of dark thoughts to create something that is going to stay in your energy field. It is also important to recognize that those dark thoughts you might have about other people, become part of your energetic makeup, not theirs.

2.The next form of protection is to pay attention to who shares your world. Do you feel valued, and respected by them? Do you laugh and experience joy with them?

Think about the people in your life. If you have some dark and moody people sharing their negative view on life, limit your exposure to them.

3. What does your living and work environment feel like? If your work environment doesn’t feel good; follow your gut and move on.

If your home and living environment doesn’t feel good, make some changes. Clean up your home and get rid of clutter. Look for items that might trigger bad memories and hold negative energy.

Are you living with the energy of other people’s trauma? This could be past generations’ furniture or things from a garage sale. Take the time to energetically clear your home and everything in it. I use candles, sage, prayers, and lots of fresh air to clean my space.

4. Are you stagnating and experiencing old, tired, thoughts and behaviors? If this question resonates with you, you could be holding onto some unhealthy energy. It’s time to raise your vibration by creating some changes in your life and allowing fresh energy to inspire you.

Raising your vibration can be fun and easy. Try new physical activities and healthy foods. Challenge yourself. Explore different creative outlets. All of these welcome new fresh, vibrant and healthy energy into your life.

5. Use Sage to clear the energy in your home. There are so many different beliefs of how to sage and when to sage and what to sage with! Basically, if your intention is to clear your home and you have a consistent practice it will work. You can always try different methods and see what feels best to you.

I like to use sweet grass or sage that is bundled up with flowers. I declutter my home, open the windows and walk the perimeter of each room, including closets and garage. I also have candles lit and say prayers during my smudging.

Play around with what type of smudging feels the most effective for you. There is a ton of information on this practice.

6. Begin each day with a prayer and visualize your body and home filled with and surrounded by white light. Do this for your business, cars, and loved ones. Sometimes I use pink energy with my white light. Pink surrounds us with love and light. 🙂

I don’t believe in curses, but if I did, my prayers would keep me safe.

Let go of your worry and develop a practice of prayers and living in the light.

7. Ask your angels and guides to guide and protect you. Follow up this request with faith that your unseen team is always watching over you. Have gratitude for their protection and guidance.

You can also ask your angels and guides to help you break unhealthy habits. Maybe you need strength in letting go of an addiction or someone that is a bad influence, ask for help!

If you include these simple practices in your day, your life will be filled with light.

Ultimately you have free will to create a life of love, or whatever you desire. Remember, what you focus on will flourish in your world.

If you are interested in a psychic reading, spiritual coaching, or taking a class, contact me at You can also follow me on Instagram Polly_wirum . Thank you for allowing me to share with you. 🙂

Channeled Message

In this very moment you have a new truth, strong and vital, making a connection with your heart. In an instant you become part of a higher consciousness. You understand exactly why you are here.

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