As life flows thru us we experience many insights and changes.  These shifts create texture in our life and the energy that surrounds us.    Similar to not wanting a flat line on a heart monitor, a flat life is not desirable.  Living with awareness of the textures, leads to a life that is rich with emotions and pure potential.  

Think of textures as infinite possibilities.  Textures are the ability to feel, dream, touch, discover and expand into what life offers us.  To fully experience all the textures, one must have faith in the power of mindfulness.  It requires the ability to look beyond one’s personal life situation and recognize the connection to a vast universe.  

I was in a meeting recently when the sun broke through the clouds and climbed over the mountain range.  The room instantly felt warmer.  My guest and I both paused and looked at the sky.   We knew it would be a beautiful day.  This happened minutes before another Earthquake reminded us of our connection to the Earth☺   

My guest believes the Earthquakes are caused by loved ones from the other side.  This idea makes me smile inside and offers me a little more texture in my day. 

I have Seasonal Affective Disorder.  As the light dwindles away, so do the textures of my life.  I can feel a subtle shift as early as August.  I have less energy and my world becomes smaller.  I know how it feels to connect to a world of less choices.  During the darkest part of the Winter in Alaska I struggle to find the sweet textures of life.    

There is an easy fix for me; the sun.   I travel out of Alaska to store the Sun’s energy in my body.  I also use light therapy.  I am lucky; the tiniest little crack in the clouds is enough for me to connect to the sun’s energy.  I am keenly aware of the atmospheric pressure changes.  I know what I need in order to thrive.  

If you are not experiencing vibrant textures, what needs to change?   Do you know where you are best suited? 

Some habits of wellness that help build a life of vibrant colors and textures include:

  • Meditation
  • Spend time outside
  • Spend time with animals
  • Make a list of what you need in your life to feel good.
  • Take action on the list .. bring it into your life
  • Simplify your life
  • Laughter.. watch a funny movie
  • Welcome change
  • Recognize your wellness as a priority
  • Listen to good music
  • Eat healthy
  • Physical exercise
  • Therapy (this can be alternative ) such as reflexology, massage, hypnotherapy etc. 

I have a friend that is at her best in the Alaskan Winter.  The pictures she takes of her wintery world capture the beautiful textures she sees.  Her winters are a marvelous opportunity for adventure and cheer.  

Each of us has the ability to connect to our special place that allow us to thrive☺ 

After my morning meeting in the sun, I took one of our dogs for his annual vet exam.  He is nine years old and the caregiver of the family.  During the exam we learned he was experiencing some cardiac abnormalities.    After several tests, it was suggested he stay overnight on medication and observation.   He was at risk for sudden death.  

The reception desk, at the animal hospital held a flickering candle.  When the candle is lit, someone is saying a final good bye to their pet.  This of course made me think of Ringo. He had been whisked away by a vet assistant.  We could not go back to comfort him during his treatments.   

At home we said our prayers for Ringo.  I thought of how much our son loves him; and how our two dogs are inseparable.  Ringo has brought lovely texture into our lives.     

Our dog made it home and is asleep on our bed.  The day has been overcast, but I have experienced happiness and relief with the return of our much loved family member.  Even when the sun is hidden and the texture is low; I have learned how to readjust and connect to the light. 

brown and white dog plush toy

Channeled Message

There is a gentleness that surrounds you and calls to you on the deepest level.  This is the magic of your soul.  It is the energy that keeps your heart safe in times of challenge.  Allow your mind to shift and connect to the frequency of love that is your most basic make up.  

It is a simple act of trust or faith that takes you to your highest vibrancy .. your beautiful soul’s energy.  Imagine that every thought holds the tiniest little flicker of pure potential and 100 percent love.. Each thought has the ability to explode into a world of new life, new ideas and new vibrations.. 

Hold that thought of love and pure potential.  Seek a practice that allows the cultivation of love to inspire all thoughts into your reality..  Carry your practice. Teach your practice.  You have the ability to shift the awareness of the world in one thought.

Purify your thoughts of that which is not of your highest mind.  Notice your actions. Celebrate each time you recognize a miracle.. Allow the gifts of your new practice to unfold beautifully around you.

Be present and aware when you activate the miracles in your life and in the world that is created just for you. 

Behold in the beauty that you are sharing. Everything you see and feel has been created just for you.. by you.    Use this awareness to create again and again what you love!

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