The Easiest Way To Transform Relationships Into A Loving Piece Of Your Life Story

Jun 9, 2021 | Bi-Weekly Blog

The Easiest Way To Transform Relationships Into A Loving Piece Of Your Life Story

Our life experience can be easier then many of us imagine. Much of humanity has chosen to believe, even embrace, stories of pain and grief instead of love and joy. This is a betrayal of our true compassionate nature. I’m going to share the easiest way to transform relationships into a loving piece of your story.

Recently I was enjoying conversation with a Vedic astrologer from India. I asked him about possible challenges leaving his home country and family. San Jay shared he focuses only on how he feels now. He is able to speak with his family by phone and walks by their side energetically. He has removed the past challenge from the possibilities in his life and enjoys his everyday experience that includes an energetic closeness with his family.

In my own life I decided to reconnect with my brother that died of suicide years ago. I needed to let go of the grief and confusion I held in my heart and mind. I had been holding onto my brother’s life story, not reaching for his soul’s energy. I touched the uncomfortable and complicated thoughts and called his spirit to me. I did this in several meditations.

I felt his pain, my guilt, fear and confusion from our childhood. He then shared with me his beautiful healing energy. I discovered who he really is. Tim loved to play chess, and build things. He shared how he holds my hand and guides me as I move the pieces in my life. I felt his love and holy energy. I trust my brother’s beautiful soul.

How we view the people in our life, sets the tone for the relationship.

When we can allow ourselves to see everything and everyone as healed and complete, it will be. There is nothing we need to control or change. Lift your eyes and see the truth in who you are and how you relate to others. You are love, and they too are love, the highest vibrational energy. Even as the form changes the energy is still a vibration of love.

Some of our most important relationships are with children.

We have many different roles and relationships in the lives of children. Whether we are the teacher, parent or coach, we potentially have a huge impact on their life. If we see them as young creators and allow them to explore and discover the world confidently, we will be blessed with independent and aware adults. Ultimately we need to see them for what they are, the creator of their life and destiny. We keep them safe as they grow and learn, so as adults they trust who they are. Celebrate there is nothing to control in this healthy and loving relationship.

The universe meets us where we are emotionally; people do the same.

It is up to each of us to create and embrace respectful and loving relationships. Sometimes this requires you to take a mental, emotional and physical break from some of the people in your life. Step away. Stop reacting.

Let go of any expectations you have of yourself and the other person. See them as completely healed on an energetic level. Enjoy this new relationship. Meet them in prayer and meditation daily. Hold space for this loving relationship to manifest in your life. In this moment we are connected by love. We are healed and eternal beings.

Relationships provides an abundance of opportunities for self awareness. We can discover our truth about love, boundaries and self love when we co create together.

You have the power to manifest completely different relationships, by connecting with others on a soul level. They can live far or near, even on the other side of the veil.

It is always a possibility to experience love and harmony. Where ever you choose to meet a person energetically, they will respond in like. This can be a completely new dimension and vibrational frequency. Discover a place where the individual life stories don’t come between your love and honor for each other.

My daily meditation and prayer practice includes seeing my loved ones as vibrant, healthy beings. I meet them on a soul level. I do the same for the Earth, all animals and generations of people. I see humanity and the Universe at large healed and radiating love.

If you would like to experience peace, love, and discover deeper connections to source and your loved ones, contact me at Together we can rewrite your life story and celebrate your truth. Schedule a psychic reading, spiritual coaching or intuitive astrological reading.

Channeled Message

Your thoughts and beliefs wrap around you and create your world.

There is a likeness to you, in all you see.

Courageously expand your vision

It is safe to feel with all of your heart and know with all of your mind.

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