The One Karmic Lesson We All Face On the Road To A More Peaceful Life

Mar 30, 2021 | Bi-Weekly Blog

The One Karmic Lesson We All Face On the Road To A More Peaceful Life

This week I had an experience that made me think about my triggers and personal life story.  I believe that ultimately we all face one karmic lesson, that if mastered, helps us live a peaceful life.

I was out on the trails with my very energetic pup.  It was early morning and cloudy.  We almost had the entire preserve to ourselves.  My companion lets me know when bobcats, bunnies, or other wildlife are near.   On this particular morning we heard some coyotes off in the distance.  My dog paused and looked in the direction of his cousin’s song.

After the howls and yipping, our world returned to calm.

Before long, the tranquility was shattered by a very large, off leash dog baying loudly as it chased a coyote across the desert floor.   The coyote was running for it’s life.

Separated by a deep wash, I watched the dog pursuing the coyote and a woman chasing the dog.  The primal sounds of the two animals caught in a life and death situation triggered something deep with in me.

I love the wildlife and consider myself a guest of the Earth, including the preserve.

I wanted to take control of the situation.  That alone is funny.  It stems from my desire to have people keep their dogs on leash.

This was a lesson to remind me, focus on what I love, not what irritates me.

The one karmic lesson many of us are learning;  we can’t control the world by thinking about the perceived problems.  This leads to suffering.  Ironically the only way we can change our world is by mastering our thoughts and reactions.

Focus on what is working and allow this to fill up your world.

When we are at peace, we create a loving world, and we are blessed with a balanced life.

When we think about what we don’t like or don’t want; we tangle those thoughts into our life experiences.

Often times there is judgment or fear behind our likes, dislikes and desire to control.

The judgment of other’s can be reflected back to ourselves.  What are we looking to control in our own life?

Fear is a also great motivator for attempting to control an outcome or other people.  To help displace fear we need to believe there is something greater then ourselves and this life. Step back and remember that love, peace and compassion is always an option.

Have you mastered the art of allowing versus controlling?

Think about the many areas of your life.  This might include your relationships with money, people, food etc.  How many of these areas do you feel completely open, not wanting to control anything?

You might need to look deeper.  Are there any areas that have a tinge of fear that leads you to act a certain way?

Do you find yourself focusing on the problem instead of what is working out perfectly?

How can you learn to allow versus control?  The first step is cleaning house.  Only let  people into your inner circle that are positive and contribute to your balanced life.

Monitor your thoughts.  For example, If work is challenging, focus on the part that is positive.  Watch that aspect grow.

The take home message is this; the part of your life that gets your attention and thoughts grows the fastest.  Think about what you love!

It took about five minutes, but my dog and I made it to where the fracas was going down.  The woman had wrangled her dog in.  My dog probably thought I was crazy.  We stood there for a bit and then the coyote popped up out of the wash about 10 feet from us.

He stopped walking and looked over at us.  I felt relieved knowing he was ok.   After he trotted on, we began our walk home.

This was a great lesson for me.  Focus on what I love the most, the animals and the healing energy found in the wild part of our world.

If you are interested in exploring a life of abundance, wellness and ease, contact me at  Sometimes you just need a little help to remember what you love.


Channeled Message

Imagine a calling that pulls us close, until there is no separation from all forms of you and I

We blend together effortlessly

We are the same

Our frequency or truth is what guides us into our transforming awareness

Exhale and release the notion of separation from all you see

As the blending of energies occurs you drop the false images

You see clearly your brilliance and the vibrancy that this life shared with the world

You know the deep connection that holds you safe in every moment

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