Vibrational Rebirth

Feb 27, 2019 | What The Universe Is Trying To Tell You

Vibrational Rebirth

Life conditions are near perfect today. The sun is radiating bright in the sky and promising Spring. I enjoyed a walk in nine degree temperatures with a friend and her dog. We explored the fun idea of how our loved ones help us from the other side. Both of us shared interesting examples of how are thoughts often reappear in the physical form; Law of Attraction. Susan works in the medical field. Many times during her career, she will read an article or think of an unusual condition, and within days she will have a client walk in with the plight. How does it happen? This is the unmistakable magic of life.

I have an idea or thought, of how our Universe is structured, and how this has allowed the phenomenon of Law of Attraction.

Imagine each of our souls is a reflective hologram image of all that is, God, The Creator, The Universe, Pure Potential. This reflective image is what allows the depth of light to travel untouched by sound. The holographic image is needed for humans to touch the idea of pure light energy or God.

Similar to not being able to look at the sun straight on; the human mind is unable to fathom the pure light potential of all that is.

Each of these reflective, holographic images of our creator, contain the energy or blue print of our individual souls. Our souls reflect into the universe every possible life experience, be it as an animal, plant or mineral.

Our beautiful souls channel the power of creation (Pure Potential) through waves of energy that become thoughts of the animal, plant or mineral. This energy of creation (consciousness) is carried on through every experience our souls have helped create for us.

As humans we have the ability to communicate with our Soul, and God, or all that is. As we become more aware of our Divine Connection, our energetic vibration (consciousness) raises. We begin manifesting high vibrational energy experiences. We further bring our reality into existence with our thoughts.. We are creating the images we see. These images are the reflection of the particles of energy passed from source thru the image of our soul that becomes the life we live… These waves of energy continue on and change according to our thoughts and beliefs.. nothing is static.

You may wonder how did this energetic world come to be. My answer is how could it not. It is impossible to stop the energetic flow of the divine.

Now imagine the lower vibrational energy of the collective human consciousness, moving at a speed of rapid destruction to ourselves and our planet. This collective group of thoughts collides into the energy of pure potential or God consciousness. This collision creates a vibrational change through-out history. The past, present and future do not exist. We have only this moment of vibrational awareness and rebirth.

In the beginning you feel free and unattached. Just observing and believing you have no anchors. Only to realize you are moving in a rhythmic motion with something much greater. It is here that you recognize the many faces of love through all of eternity.

We are in this moment living with awareness. You are the energy of pure potential. Choose the thoughts you want to give life affirming energy to. Let the rest flow through you.


Channeled Message

Finding Grace

Allow the words and the energy to flow and gently lift and remove any doubts or fears that have scared you, left blocks or negative residue in any form, emotional and or physical.

Today in this moment you are learning how to experience an awareness that brings calm and clarity into all aspects of your very being.

Breathe in and slowly exhale.

Recognize how your body is being supported.

Notice if there is any place in your physical awareness, or your emotional awareness, that is calling for attention.

Imagine that you are blowing away any and all thoughts that have settled in your mind or body.

You are blowing away and releasing all the negative beliefs and fear that have settled in your heart.

Take a beautiful deep healing breath in ..

And slowly release let it fill the space that once was occupied by fear..

You now radiate grace; You are experiencing a healing through- out your mind, body and soul.

You are in this moment acquiring an energy that reaches into eternity, a healing of such magnificence that allows you to connect and experience the gift of all that is.

Imagine each of your thoughts, each of your body’s cells carrying the spark of awareness and love.

It is in this moment that Grace becomes fully present in your awareness.

It is in this moment that the love, that is deeply imbedded in your heart mind and soul..

This moment Grace begins to call out and seek the Grace in all of existence.

Grace is your true nature.

Grace in the purest form is seeking each and every-one of us.

You have so bravely answered the call to share Grace with all you see. From this moment on you will experience the miracles of Grace in every -day.

You see hope. You live life with a confidence and awareness of the greatness that you carry with in.

You mirror vitality and wellness in your body and relationships. You have love for all.

You see your body as a vessel of compassion and courage. Your body has gifted you so many experiences to help you understand life, love and all the emotions that your beautiful mind can create..

You understand that you have willed everything to be..

and in this very moment..

You understand you have the power to restore and renew in every aspect of your life.

It is this moment that was created by you ….

Long ago…

for the sole purpose of your awareness to expand into an ocean of thought that carries every possibility and every probability ..

It is you that has the courage to step into a world where you are the master…

You control all thoughts..

You create all experiences..

It is the highest form of you that has been waiting to create an existence of pure joy, abundance, grace and wellness for you… All you see is how your vision of grace, joy, abundance and wellness ripples and touches everyone in your world..

You have created something magical.. a miracle..

Enjoy the energy that has filled your body, softened your mind and blessed your soul. Notice how this feels. Trust the experience. Breath in deeply Release You are fully saturated with love and grace Know that the spark of grace that touched you today will continue to light your path and awareness..

At any given simply time say the word grace and be brought back into this awareness..

Enjoy the miracles that will continue to show up.

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