Energy of the Week August 1, 2021

Aug 2, 2021 | Energy of the Week

Welcome to the transformational energy of August 1, 2021

First off recognize the love and generosity in your life .. think of a time when someone shared kind words just when you needed them .. or took time out of their day just for you 🌞.. enjoy that feeling of gratitude ❤️… This week also hold the lessons of maintaining balance as the universe causes … let me rephrase that .. allows some shifts that help your body, mind and spirit move in unison and grace .. so get ready to surprise yourself as you get out of tight spaces, uncomfortable conversations .. and even old patterns and old relationships. Be sure to sprinkle in some rest thru out the week .. This will help you continue on navigating life lessons with grace.. This week is almost like a river trip .. If you like what’s on the river bank you can stop .. Sometimes you’re floating and restoring .. and sometimes the rapids test your balance .. new muscles will develop this week .. physically, spiritually and intuitively.. enjoy

PS the picture is a beautiful breakfast served to my wild bunny friends .. I was traveling and an amazing artist Vikki Reed treated the bunnies to something nurturing for their body and soul♥️🦜🌞🌎

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