Energy of the Week July 25, 2021

Jul 26, 2021 | Energy of the Week

Welcome to the transformational energy of July 25, 2021

This week you might experience, or you might observe loved ones experiencing: The feeling of having something that you have grown attached to. This attachment could be a physical situation or emotional. What ever it is, you might not feel ready to let it go .. but it is going .. lol .. Stay calm. Don’t allow yourself to spiral into the need of replacing it and clinging onto something that is not right for you .. or not really even meant to be part of your story. This week is all about letting go of attachments and fully looking at your journey .. all of it. What shifts do you want to make .. breathe out and release yourself into freedom. It’s a great week to look at what impulsive purchases/ relationships / reactions have been at your fingertips .. let them go and begin experiencing deeper knowing of who you truly are ♥️🌍🦜

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