What is Wellness and Do We Really Need Healing?

Jul 21, 2021 | Bi-Weekly Blog

What is Wellness and Do We Really Need Healing?

Our modern-day world blasts heaps of chatter on TV, radio and personal electronic devices urging us to improve our health and wellness. We are encouraged to join a gym, take a supplement, drink a detox tea and even take a little pill. These messages imply we are not vibrant beings, healthy and whole.

How often do we pause and contemplate what wellness is; and do we really need healing?

If I have a catalyst for stress, it is my relationship with westernized medicine. I schedule my yearly exams every three years. My motto is if I feel great why seek medical advice. This plan is perfect, until I don’t feel great and need to seek care.

Extreme weather is a trigger for a condition I have. The Arizona heat takes me off the dirt trails and into our pool. I am living, but not full throttle. I know that when September returns, I will experience vibrancy again.

I have to ask myself, what part of me is calling out for love?

My stress related to Western medicine stems from my experience over 10 years ago. My treatment was subpar and it has left me reluctant to trust medical providers. I need to rewrite this story, for my own well-being.

Is it ok to experience life a little dimmer, when you know it’s not forever? At what point should we seek medical advice?

What is Wellness?

Wellness is a state of feeling aligned with life source energy and experiencing a sense of purpose and joy.

Wellness is experiencing peace in your spiritual and emotional connections.

Wellness is being aware of your thoughts and creative impact on your life experience.

Wellness is being aware of your physical body and enjoying the process of discovering the world around you.

Wellness is being aware of who you are, including the eternal light within. Wellness is being able to live in this moment.

Wellness is inspiration.

Wellness is having many days in your life that feel like the best day ever.

What is Healing?

A healing occurs when you are aware of your eternal self. This awareness automatically connects you to gratitude, joy and love. Your sense of purpose is restored. You recognize your ability to create your experiences. You feel aligned emotionally, physically and spiritually.

A healing can be spontaneous. In one moment, you realize your internal light and live with the awareness of All That Is.

Healing can also be a step-by-step process. Each part of you is explored through loving eyes and healed with an open heart and mind. You see the light of the Universe in all parts of you.

Sometimes the greatest healing occurs when we let go of our expectations and release what we were holding onto. Letting go of what we had been holding tightly, doesn’t just let go of one desire, or one belief system, it releases everything that the belief or desire was built on.

When someone is able to walk away from a bad relationship, they have the potential to let go of the belief system that said yes to the relationship in the first place. This can begin healing all relationships of all times.

However, healing takes place in your life, celebrate your wellness!

Becoming Well

Our personal wellness journey is a significant piece of our human experience; maybe even the most important. Wellness touches every aspect of our life.

We are blessed with the ability to change the story of our wellness.

Our spiritual wellness, and ability to love and be loved manifests in our physical, and in nonphysical form.

Chronic lack of self-love can manifest in chronic illness. The first step to recovery is seeing yourself as loved and worthy of love. Begin to bring healthy and loving practices into your life. Be where you feel good! This includes relationships, work and lifestyle.

I have lived through a spiritual crisis that became a physical illness. If you find yourself spiraling into a feeling of disconnect, reach out to a trusted source. Prioritize self-care. Ask yourself, do you need a doctor, friend, coach, family or nature?

Instant Healing

This morning we woke up to flash flood warnings, lightning, thunder and rain. Cooler temperatures had arrived. This weather lifted my heart! I took my very excited dog out for a hike. It was still raining; the lightning was in the distance and nobody was around.

I felt better than I had for days. I could feel myself grow stronger and more aligned with my true nature. As I headed home, coyotes called from up high. Their songs always make me happy.

My dog and I were almost off the preserve when I crossed paths with the young man that lives somewhere on the desert preserve. He sleeps outside at night and leaves early in the morning to refill his water. He always returns a couple hours later.

I also have seen him at a local bus stop talking to himself in an agitated state. He expresses himself completely differently, away from the city and traffic.

This morning we both spoke happily of the rain and clouds. His world is completely different from mine; but we both find peace and wellness on the trail.

If you would like assistance finding your path of wellness, contact me at Pollywirum.com. We can explore your healing possibilities by taking part in a retreat, psychic reading, or spiritual coaching.


Channeled Message

Speak softly and gently to yourself.

See yourself as having an open and unrestricted view of the universe and your entire being

Feel the holy connections of all you have encountered.

Recognize that each moment is a link to your truest form and faithful identity.

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