How to Overcome and Even Celebrate, When the Twisties Come into Your Life

Aug 4, 2021 | Bi-Weekly Blog

How to Overcome and Even Celebrate, When the Twisties Come into Your Life

This blog is written for those of us that have ever felt misalignment between our heart, soul, mind and body. There are times in our life, usually just before a big shift of awareness, where life doesn’t flow as easily. Some part of our inner communication system is blocked. The pressure builds and builds, all of a sudden, we have the twisties, life balance is compromised. Keep reading and discover how to not only overcome, but also celebrate the twisties.

This week I asked people on Instagram what they would like to read about in my blog. My favorite answer was Simone Biles’ case of the twisties.

Honestly, I think we should have a National Simone Day. She just took the first step in normalizing self-care, and pausing when life feels out of control, or in other words when we have the twisties.

Individually we are part of a magical system that allows us to co create with our complex and amazing collective Universe. Even more amazing, is each of us has our own unique galaxy within. Our inner cosmos comprises our heart, mind and soul. This organization relays thought, and messages to our body. It is no small feat that this system creates our individual world and keeps us balanced.

The biggest threat to our balanced inner world is stress. When tension and anxiety compromise our ability to stay in touch with our soul’s guidance, our heart’s loving vibrations, and our mind’s ability to create loving experiences, our alignment is threatened. What begins on a soul, heart or mind level will impact the body.

Simone provided a very real example of this. She was experiencing the pressure of an entire country expecting her to physically perform her best. There was added stress from our global pandemic and even changes in the Olympic dates and rules. Our world had a big change and her body reacted. The communication between her mind and physical self was compromised. She didn’t feel safe off the ground.

Being a professional athlete has the opportunity to be stressful. The rigid training schedule and attention to all the details, while caring for a competing body, is a lot to cope with. It is a huge commitment! With this being said, the twisties had probably been building for a while.

It is important to recognize that we each are responsible for our individual stress level. With that being said, thank you Simone, and everyone else that has ever shown us, it is healthy to step back from the stress, regardless of what other people say or think!

If there is anyone reading this with a case of the twisties; make a plan to leave your stressful situation. It doesn’t matter how or if others judge. Your health and wellness are too important to base it on someone else’s opinion.


  • Identify and remove yourself from the main stresses in your life. Find a place where you feel safe.
  • Ground yourself.; meditation, spending time in nature. Reconnect with practices that feed your heart, mind and soul. Nourish your body.
  • Provide self-care.
  • Lean into those you love and your community. Do things that bring you joy.


When the twisties come into your life, you are receiving a message from the Universe. You are being told to pause; a big change is underfoot. Allow your world to slow down while everything falls into place. You will be gifted with increased awareness, a healing of sorts. You will have greater insight, compassion and universal wisdom at your fingertips. You will begin creating with higher vibrational energy. This is all great cause for celebration.

I have no doubt that Simone will not only recover, but be even more vibrant because of this experience.


  1. You don’t try to control everything in your life.
  2. You trust life will easily fall into place.
  3. You feel free to express yourself.
  4. You are living in the moment.
  5. You are inspired to create.
  6. You easily receive love.
  7. You easily share love.
  8. You experience a sense of purpose.
  9. You feel connected to a higher source.
  10. You experience a connection with your surroundings.

I hope this blog reminds you to honor your inner Universe. Everyday take a moment to check in and see if your cosmos is balanced and thriving. If you ever experience the twisties I’m here for you. Contact me at We can explore your life with a psychic reading, spiritual coaching or join me for a life changing retreat. I look forward to connecting with you!

Channeled Message

The promise of tomorrow is actually available and very much alive within you today.

It is completely up to you how you want to experience today, tomorrow and all of eternity. Think of this very moment, unfolding into endless possibilities of self-expression.

You can pull the creative energy out of every possible future and create a fabric of life that is full of ups and downs, or you can choose to only explore that which makes your heart, mind and soul create in unison.

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