Welcome to the Energy of the Week for February 14, 2021

( Happy Valentine’s Day)

If you have ever wondered what a snowstorm looks like.. this image is it ✨.

What does that have to do with the energy this week? First off things can change in a minute .. no warning and bam .. new emotions are underway. Thus week pay attention to communication. The words you use will either help you or come back to teach you a new way of communication. This week it is important to know you have choices .. and to choose with practicality in mind. I don’t always say this. If you don’t let logic guide you there will be a storm of uncertainty. After you deal with whatever decision needs to be made .. plan for and create a future trip .. use the part of your mind that loves to dream while u are living within your practical world.. also this week calls for you to revisit your life potential/life plan .. don’t let other decide what’s best for you.

Enjoy this practical side of yourself and know that your dreams are safe even when u are living with logic as your guidance.❤️✨😊