What is a stuck mindset and is it affecting you?

Feb 17, 2021 | Bi-Weekly Blog

What is a stuck mindset and is it affecting you?

Recently I was hiking and thinking about the human condition.  There is a mentality many people experience regardless of demographics.  These Individual’s lives may look completely different on the outside, ( be it professional or transient person), but they share a similar way of thinking.  This ordinary thought process is living with out the belief of new life possibilities.  Does this sound familiar,  is a stuck mindset effecting you?

Take a minute and ask yourself, how free are your thoughts?  How expansive is your life journey?

One of our greatest gifts in life is free will, which contributes to our ability to create a unique life journey. Free will also allows us to respond to the flashes of inspiration we each receive.

The flip side of inspiration, is a stuck mind.  This person stays in old life patterns, dodging challenges and making the same choices day after day. This creates little opportunity to allow unexpected joy, love and abundance in day to day life.

In other words, the stuck mindset is a mind trained to expect the same thing year after year.  This might be experiencing the same relationship problems, the same job, the same health or family issues that keep you from fully engaging in life.

Our life reflects our mindset; until it doesn’t. Some individuals wake up, and realize they no longer recognize who they have become.

Luckily It is possible to recover from this loss of self,  thru open mind and open heart living.


  • Spend time out doors in nature.  This allows your thoughts to flow.
  • Enjoy day dreaming about your ideal life.  This plants the seeds for achieving your dreams.
  • Meditation helps you discover who you really are.  This helps you connect with your higher self.  Meditation also helps release what doesn’t serve you.
  • Slowdown and allow yourself time to pause.  This allows thoughtful responses to life.
  • Decreasing screen time helps keep your thoughts uncluttered by other’s drama.
  • Spend time alone.  This allows creativity to flow.
  • Create a balanced life style that holds room for growth and change.
  • Create a life free of toxic food and people.  A healthy life style allows your mind and heart to be clear.  This helps you make good choices.
  • Invite spirituality into your life. This opens the door for miracles to find you.


  • You take conscious and thoughtful action in life.
  • You are observant versus reactive.
  • You are nonjudgmental with yourself and others.
  • You are kind to yourself and others.
  • You are present and engaged in your life.
  • You are accountable for your actions or non actions.
  • You  trust yourself and the greater good.
  • You  have faith in something greater then yourself.
  • You are able to let go of what no longer serves you.
  • You allow opportunities to flow into your life.
  • Your life will is simple, uncomplicated.


  • You experience less stress, because your life is aligned with your truth and  purpose.
  • You  experience true happiness and satisfaction.
  • You  find it easy to be grateful for what life offers.
  • You  experience greater self awareness.
  • You  experience greater self confidence.
  • Your relationships improve.
  • You feel secure about your future.
  • You  enjoy increased intuition.  You easily receive guiding messages from the Universe.
  • You experience ease in your life.

Sometimes our world, or mindset changes in an instant, other times it comes about slowly. Where ever you are in the process, consider taking spiritual classes or reading books on spiritual or metaphysical topics that interest you.  If you want to a deeper experience take part in an immersive retreat.

If you are ready to activate your heart and mind contact me at pollywirum.com.  Sign up for a psychic reading, spiritual coaching, or an immersive retreat with me in Sedona Arizona.  You can also receive daily inspiration at Polly_wirum on Instagram.

Channeled Message

Knowing we are limitless, creates space for the highest vibration energy to merge in all ways possible.

Awareness that you are part of everything you see, but also separate,  changes the rhythm of your life.

You experience an understanding of All That Is.

It is impossible to have a victim mentality.

You understand yourself to be empowered with beautiful choices all thru life, death and eternity.

There is nothing outside of your reach,  yet nothing for you to control.

It is the allowing of life force energy that shares with you what your mind has created in harmony with the Universe.

Allow your guidance to gently show you the way.  This same guidance is with you regardless of the vibrational energy you choose to work with.

Know that you also receive very specific guidance in the art of allowing and manifesting, as you choose higher the vibrational energy.

Have fun and enjoy all the possibilities of life thru eternity.

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