Welcome to the Energy of the Week for February 7, 2021

We have lots of magic to connect with. Some of the magic can be a little distracting from your personal goals .. this week you may need to stand up and protect your personal dreams and goals.

This week also carries the energy of false entrapment. Something has been presented in a much heavier or scary way then what it is. It is possible to easily unravel yourself from that which is not yours .. release yourself from other’s burdens/addictions etc .. celebrate freedom. The next thing to recognize is the art of allowing versus pushing .. calling in / dreaming and allowing your desires to flow easily into your life is so much easier then believing you need to fight for them … back to the point of honoring or defending your dreams .. it is as simple as living the life that supports you .. keep your circle of friends that support you .. let the rest go .. it is your time to shine ✨

The question I ask you … How does the Universe sponsor you? Meaning how does the Universe support you? If you don’t like the results have a conversation with yourself about what you really want in your life ✨. Celebrate everything that is working ✨📿.

Enjoy this week and create a story that shows your unique abilities of love, laughter, and appreciation of life ✨📿