Energy of the Week February 16, 2020

Feb 16, 2020 | Energy of the Week

Welcome to the Energy of the Week for February 16, 2020

Imagine finding yourself in a state of complete comfort, almost fading into boredom. This is when you begin looking around at your friends or other things that are exterior to you. You begin to compare yourself to what is around you. This pulls you into a feeling of wanting more, seeking more shine in your life.  And, you start looking for a bright example of glamour within your reach. This may be revealed as a new impulse purchase, upgrading your wardrobe, car, home, or even partner.

But, what happens when you bring this new shining star into your life and really examine it? You find parts of it aren’t so shiny after all. It’s like the exterior or surface of what you invited into your world is not very healthy. You begin to peel off the layers of the recent acquisition and discarding them one by one. It is at this point that you finally connect with what is shining brightly.

It never was the acquisition or shiny purchase, or a flashy new friend. It was always about you taking the time to be selective and discerning what is real and true to you. So, if you are in planning to buy an impulse item; ask yourself, why?

If you are in the process of pulling apart what is in your life – looking for the light – maybe, all you need is to recognize that it’s been within you all along. So, take out some time this week to exactly discover what is unique within you.

I have pulled cards for seven areas of your life. I was shown that the areas of our greatest shift this week are self-control (no surprise) and communication.

Physical Needs, Safety, & Security

This week because of the looking around at possible choices and possibly comparing your situation to others; you may be reviewing education, or housing choices…. This is exactly what is mentioned in the introduction of this week’s energy.

Emotional Needs

This week, you may feel like you have figured life and relationships out. Celebrate your success, but realize this elation may be followed by a time of analyzing everything….


With careful control of your reactions and controlling jumping to conclusions; you can make great strides in relationships, networking, and a new home.  This all happens with determination and monitoring your old habits.

Sharing, Balance, & Love

Writing and art are favored this week; so, share your creations. This area also shows the potential for a balance in work and projects. Maybe, you will be set free from some tasks that had been weighing you down. Balance is possible!

Communication & Life Force

This is such a great week for you to realize your personal relationship with the Universe. You should find hope and guidance in any area of life, where you are seeking improvements. This is so good! You will understand that comparisons are not necessary and that you are already holding the light.

Psychic Awareness & intuition

You do need to release emotions and old thoughts in order to trust your intuition.

Consciousness & Spiritual Love

Each one of us is being groomed into our best self. What it looks like, is a mystery for most of us.  Part of this grooming process is to let go of what we have outgrown.

This is basically letting go of what we thought we needed – what we once thought was bright and shiny. We are slowly returning to the deeper part of ourselves that is committed to the betterment of all. So, if you begin to feel an emotional detachment from a situation, place, or person, take this as a confirmation…. Growth is happening… movement is happening… you are ready to expand 🙂

Enjoy the week!


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  1. William Erickson

    Beautiful. This rings true. I am getting ready to move, change jobs, houses even States. I’m really having a hard time letting go. I have so many familiar faces and places I know, it can paralyze a person


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