Energy of the Week February 9, 2020

Feb 9, 2020 | Energy of the Week

Energy of Week for February 9, 2020

I love this energy.  You are being invited to look closely at the world and all of our animal friends.  Imagine you had the power to hold the Earth gently in your hand.  You silently watch the migration patterns of animals.  You notice how they are leaving places they once thrived.  You see the rock faces of our landscapes.  You notice how they are shifting and the faces crumble far below.  You notice our water ways are changing.

After noticing what has changed in the world at large,  you pull your attention back to your personal life.  What messages are you receiving from the animals close to you?  What vibrations are you picking up from the Earth in your favorite outdoor place?  How does water flow in your life?

I say this, because much like the Earth is sharing with us tremendous messages globally, our own immediate world is sharing with us.  This week (and always) pay attention to the animals in your life and what animals are in the news.  There are very powerful messages to gather and store in your mind.  I’m not sure what face of a mountain is going to slide…  but get ready for it.

Learn from the Earth and the wisdom of animals this week.

Do you need to strengthen your connection to all that is?

I pulled seven cards for different areas in our life.  We will experience the greatest shifts or awareness in our areas of security, flexibility, and trust.

Security & Safety

If you find yourself in an unhealthy, restrictive situation you can free yourself from this easier than you believe.  Pay attention to any areas of your life that appear triangulated in relationships…  too many people involved.  You can clear this up.

Emotional Needs

Use your good judgment when trusting others with your emotions.  Don’t allow others to make decisions for you where your emotions are involved…  and don’t allow your emotions to cause unnecessary turbulence in your life.  If you need to take a break before you react, do it.  Remember you have the power to observe; this week calls for it.


This is such a great week for you to practice and master being the observer!  Be like Buddha this week. Your hard work is paying off related to self-control!

Flexibility, Sharing, & Trust

As you practice your observation skills discover who might be sharing false appearances.  Through your observation can you determine who is not to be trusted?  As you gain confidence in your ability to see the truth share your understandings with those you trust.  Stay flexible through the changes that occur as you step back for a better vision of what is going on.


Allow this awareness to be shared in a creative way.  Also know that your new awareness brings different types of friendships into your life…  celebrate this!

Big Picture & Clairvoyance

This ability to see the big picture of our Earth and our connections, offers you a freedom from some of your past choices.  This also will allow you to become connected and even welcomed into a new community.  Recognize that all of this is unfolding, some of it behind the scenes for you.

Peace, Compassion, & Cosmic Wisdom

Through this ability to connect to cosmic awareness you value personal peace and compassion.  Your observation and trust in your intuition leads you to a place where you experience joy and generosity.  Remember you are just beginning to notice how the world around you is so powerful, but you are able to learn and use that power in your own life.  As you gain confidence in your powers your joy and satisfaction grow, your bonds strengthen….

This week don’t be afraid of what you see in the natural world.  Determine what the message is for you and continue to observe.  Wisdom and peace along with a new community are coming to you.


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