Manifest Your Feelings

Feb 5, 2020 | Past Lives, Current Loves, & Your Future

Manifest Your Feelings

Most of us have experienced moments, maybe even life times of attempting to control the future.  This might happen when we want something so badly, we view it as the only acceptable outcome.  The irony of this is, when we only allow one option, we close the door to possible better options. Often times fear creeps in and our brain will begin to tell us why we may or may not, achieve our perceived only option.  At this point the focus becomes on why it might not happen, versus  why it will happen.

Is it possible to just relax and really let the future unfold? Yes;  but there are several important pieces to consider when allowing your life to open up magically.  If you have specific goals; ask yourself why this and not something different? Make sure they are your dreams, not someone else’s.  The next piece to consider is, how will you feel when you achieve your goal?

Feelings are the most important piece in creating our future and enjoying the now.  Imagine and connect to the feelings you love.  Make them a part of your everyday life.  Let each breath hold a connection to your favorite feelings and dreams.  Each time you experience a feeling it can build and continue to grow until it fully becomes who you are.

I worked with someone that was exploring a new career.  She  was thinking about opening a coffee shop.  After digging into the why; we discovered she loved the feeling of community. She liked hanging out and enjoying the art and casual conversation. This environment inspired her.  Our inquires provided her with key pieces of information.  If she opened up to those feelings she loved, she could find a career that inspired her.  Focusing on the feelings is a big piece of allowing life to flow.

Years ago, I had the honor of an older gentleman coming to me for a session.  He had lost his wife several years before.  He hoped she would come through, but also had some questions about his adult children.  This particular man had been blessed with a successful career, a family and lots of outside interests.  I will always remember something very special about our session.  His wife had been diagnosed with cancer.  When it was clear she had only a short time left in her body, her physician promised something to my client.  He was told that his wife’s death would carry the expected grief, loss and heart ache but it would also carry something surprisingly beautiful.

What unfolded after his wife’s death was my client’s heart softening.  He had always been so goal driven and focused on success that he hadn’t connected easily to love.  In his marriage he had given love to his wife and she shared it with the family and the world at large.  It was after her death that he was able to directly connect lovingly with others.  He finally understood how beautiful life can be.  Did the physician know this?  I’m not sure.  I do know that love will always win.  Making goals and planning our life is fun; but ultimately our lessons in love will meet us along the way.  This story is a good reminder that if it feels impossible to work on your goals and lovingly enjoy life at the same time; something has to change.

Miracles take place when logic is not pushing and forcing events to occur.  I have witnessed this so many times, with clients and family.  One of my treasured, personal memories includes my husband.  We were signed up for a running race in Canada. There were very fast runners there.  We had the option of also signing up as a team.  Our combined race times would compete against other teams of two.  I was so excited!  In my mind I could see us winning a trophy.  I imagined sitting on the plane, flying home with our trophy.  My husband thought there was no chance of us winning.  A miracle took place, we somehow came in third place and won a trophy.  Most other years we would not have won.  Logically we could not predict a win; but my heart was so ready for our team of two to win a trophy.  I flew there with the feeling of a winner in my heart.  I flew home with the same feeling.

Another great example of someone allowing life to bring abundance is a favorite of mine.  I met an Uber driver who was twenty nine years old.  He was ready for change, so he hired me as a life coach.  His goals included being a property owner and  having  a specific amount of wealth by the time he was thirty.  Logically it wasn’t going to happen, but this amazing person totally believed and lived with an open heart. Of course it unfolded perfectly for him; in the most unexpected way.  He mastered the art of allowing in a few short months.

The most important thing about our future is to know it holds beautiful things.  If we go by the feeling of what we want, we can enjoy every minute of the journey.  It might look different but the feeling will be there.  It will probably hold some lessons but something so unimaginably beautiful is always available to us.

Trust as you walk into the unknown.

Know that a part of you is aware of all the connections through our universe and that everything is in place.  Your future is waiting for you like a trusted friend while the present connects you with all that is.

Channeled Message

As your heart pulls into view a very different experience than what your other-self wanted or expected, there is the feeling of being unsettled.  Allow yourself to connect with where the heart is taking you.

As the Earth expands and carries new charges and releases new energies for our hearts to connect with change will always occur. Breathe deep, dive in and explore.  There is no wrong turn to be made.  Love awaits and just at the perfect moment you are released to find what perfectly resonates with you.  As this grows and changes again and again a piece of you will break into tiny fragments to explore.  The continuation of life is constant; as is the connection to all that is.

End Channeled Message

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