Energy of the Week February 2, 2020

Feb 2, 2020 | Energy of the Week

Energy of the Week February 2, 2020

This week carries the energy that allows you to experience being the chosen one.  Imagine being on a bus full of people.  Some of them are strangers and some of them are friends or family.  You are happily minding your own business; when all of a sudden you’re being separated from the rest.  It feels like you have been lifted up and singled out.

First take a couple deep breathes and compose yourself.  Next decide if it’s your imagination, or you truly have been singled out.  Next decide if this is good….  Maybe you just won the lottery; maybe you just got a promotion.  If it doesn’t feel so good, recognize it as a call for action.

This week is all about recognition; your being recognized.  You are also recognizing what works and what doesn’t.   I choose seven cards for different aspects of your life.  Look for potential for change in your security and home life.  You have the greatest opportunity for shift this week in your trust, flexibility, and intuition this week…  Exciting!!

Security & Safety

You find yourself experiencing security in your home/ life when you allow yourself to trust your inspiration.  This means, pay attention to what inspires you.  This leads you to experience feeling more grounded and secure.

Emotional Needs

If you need to take a breather from friends/ family/ life; prioritize this.  You won’t be able to experience the inspiration if you are feeling over whelmed with other’s stuff.  Maybe this is why you were singled out this week…  you need a little alone time.


This week it is important that you seriously look at your lifestyle.  What habits are not serving your wellness.  Self-control and health is highlighted.  Be an advocate for your wellness; physical, emotional, and spiritual.  They are all important pieces of who you are.  Abdominal region is highlighted this week if you are not caring for yourself.

Sharing, Trust, & Flexibility

Have faith in your ability to keep the peace and negotiate well for yourself.  It is possible to share responsibilities and for others to see all that you have done, (or possibly not done)…  so flexibility in practical matters, so the peace is maintained.

Communication & Ideas

You may feel like you have been crossed…  or even someone is questioning your ideas.  Give things a little bit of a break before you commit one way or the other in communication.  This is true in all aspects… written and verbal

Big Picture of Your Life & Intuition

This is a great time for self-empowerment.  Maybe look at what you have overcome and where you are succeeding.  Maybe this time in your life will stand out.  Perhaps this is when your intuition leads you to a place of self-discovery.  Perhaps you are seeing your potential in the big picture of life.

Peace & Harmony

This is a good week to take a break from spending.  Discover how decreasing the out pouring of cash can support peace and harmony.  It is possible to feel satisfied and at peace with the possessions you already have.

Enjoy the week.  take time for yourself, don’t over indulge and if you are given a standout opportunity, make the most of it!!



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