What I learned in Puppy Class

Feb 19, 2020 | What The Universe Is Trying To Tell You

What I learned in Puppy Class

After our big poodle Ringo died, we had one very sad, little poodle dog in Alaska.  We decided It was time for her to make the trip to Arizona.  We hoped that a busier house and the warm sun would help her spirits lift.  She had come into our lives at eight weeks old, a rescue from Fairbanks, Alaska.  My favorite name for her was Baby Dog, even in her adult years.  She loved people and our dog Ringo, but wasn’t so sure about most other dogs.

I wanted to find a companion for Baby Dog to grow old with.  I also wanted a dog that could be my trail pup.  I choose the name Supreme, before we knew when or how a new dog would enter our life.  I loved the name Supreme because it reminds me of our connection to all the good and lovely things in life.  I imagined that every time I called Supreme, I would be connecting to the wonderful, spiritual richness life has to offer.

I found a male poodle puppy that would hopefully become Baby Dog’s best friend and my trail partner.  On his second day with our family, my son and I walked and mostly carried him on my favorite trail. The next day I took him for a wellness check.  I was told he needed to stay in our home and yard exclusively until he reached 16 weeks old.  After his last Parvo vaccination Supreme would be free to leave our home.  I was disappointed, but put off puppy class and trail walks until he was safe.

During the time of his quarantine Supreme and Baby Dog began figuring out their relationship.  Mostly she stayed on high ground (furniture and beds) away from his puppy teeth.  I called his name frequently when he was mauling someone, something, or peeing on the floor.

Eventually it was time for puppy class.  I decided to put Baby Dog in an adult dog class and Supreme in a puppy class.  I was a little nervous.  Our family had failed puppy training with Ringo, and Baby Dog had been living a life that only required cuteness and lots of treats.

The first class with Baby Dog I was unsure of myself.  It was the two of us and four golden retrievers (I know, the sweetest dogs ever). My little black and white dog stood out; and not because of her color.  She wouldn’t stop barking.  Eventually the instructor put us behind a large screen to calm her down.  We spent most of the class separated from the other students.  At the end of class they decided we needed to be in an impulse control class.  The feeling of failure was creeping in.  I also felt a little nutty having a lap dog, named Baby Dog.

I scheduled Supreme’s first class for a weekend, so my son could watch.  My visions of celebrating Supreme as he behaved superbly in class were being shadowed by my fear of failing puppy class.  I carried this feeling in with me and of course it showed up in class.  Our son witnessed Supreme peeing all over the room and me literally falling on the ground during a a very easy walking exercise.  I basically proved to myself that puppy class is scary.

I took Baby Dog to one more class.  She barked less, but was still in panic mode and we were again separated from the other students.  I decided to train her in my happy spot, on the trail.  Over time she will learn to like new dog friends, or not.  At home she is a happy and much loved dog.  On the other hand I was determined to get Supreme trained with good manners in the home and out on the trail.  To do this I needed to relax and not let my fear of puppy class dictate Supreme’s success or failing.

It didn’t take me long to recognize how similar to raising (training) children is to puppy class.  It is so easy to let my fears as a parent affect my children.  All of my baggage vibrates around me.  With this awareness I went to the next puppy class.  This class was mostly poodles or doodles.  I was very excited, hoping to find comfort with the familiar dog breed.  Supreme was also excited; he jumped and peed all over the room when he met his new poodle friends.  To top it off, he was reluctant to share his skills of sitting.  I did calm down a little when the instructor mentioned using his third eye.  This gave me a connection to grab hold of and the confidence needed to go to a third class.

Our next class I took Supreme outdoors frequently, hoping it would limit the peeing inside.  I also need to add that any ease of movement or grace on my part is left outside the puppy class.  I felt incredibly awkward, like middle school all over again. During one of the new skills, while I was working with Supreme,  my sun glasses fell of my head on to the floor.  When picking up my glasses I  dropped his treats all over and basically began praying for the class to end.  To my surprise by the end of the third class Supreme was almost doing what the other puppies were doing.  I felt really proud, not just of Supreme, but for me also.  We didn’t drop out of school.  I’m not sure if I will ever master the treat holding, hand waving, and calm commands the other puppy parents have, but I know we will figure out our form of communication and love.

On the trail Supreme is well, supreme.  He is still learning his manners but is proving to be such a wonderful trail companion.  He is almost completely house broken and sleeps through the night.  I now find Baby Dog and Supreme resting near each other.  I have hope that they will form a bond like she had with Ringo.  I know each dog and person is different and will have unique successes and lessons; that is after all, why we are here.  Through life we learn about love, acceptance and how we as individuals connect to each other and all that is.

My fear of puppy class is a great example of how we can choose something so sweet and innocent and make it become a burden.  I recognize that this adventure with Supreme and all my family members is a gift.  It will become what ever I make of it.  When I put my fears, beliefs, and other baggage aside, my ability to experience newness and gratitude comes full force into life.

Cheers to overcoming challenges and letting yourself enjoy all life has to offer.


Channeled Message

Finding ourselves in the unknown is what allows our mind to open up to the eternal guidance or wisdom .  Trust and let go.  This allows your third eye to open; your heart to tilt and adjust.

Much like the sun flower turns to face the sun, you also know where to find your source of Grace, wisdom and energy.

It is the open spaces, standing alone and exhaling that ultimately brings us together at the meeting point of our heart and minds.  So when you seek alone time you are seeking self and the connection to all that is.  The exhale can be helpful in releasing what holds you from awareness. Open spaces help you shake off what is not your true nature.

The simplest form of you and I is, All that is.

The simplest form of  mind is, All that is.  The rest falls away.

Allowing ourself to touch and experience the peace, awareness and even the ultimate form of love, is stepping out of what ideas control us.  Step out of what has always worked. Step out of what you have believed, maybe for life times.  Allow the controls to be removed. There are no limits to your freedom.  The beauty of this is, each and every soul dances through where time holds no power.  We recognize each other’s light.  We recognize the many lives we have held life and love together.  When at last you need to recharge with Source we will be waiting for you. But for now, dance, exhale, and remove the barriers from your life.  We are shining bright on your path, reminding your heart, soul, and mind of our eternal connection.


Inhale with confidence, compassion, and awareness.

End of Channeled Message

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