Energy of the Week February 23, 2020

Imagine touching the untouchable….  The place that holds the secrets you so much want to connect with.  Feel yourself press your face against the thin veil that separates you from the information that holds the entire story of your life.  You are able to see where your choices lead you.  You understand the patterns in your life, and mostly you see the love that has been your greatest influence.  You no longer wonder what your purpose is and you have such gratitude for the significant players in your life.

Here’s what is special about this week.  You get to decide just how much you are willing to risk for the spiritual awareness, or understanding of your place in the world.  How hard do you need  to push to move thru the veil.  Recognize that what you are pushing against isn’t physically uncomfortable.  It is more something that is able to shift and move.  It requires your dedication to be still and know you deserve to be happy, loved, and your life is not in vain.  You have a purpose.  Stick with the desire to know more.  Stick with the stillness

This week I pulled seven cards.  The two areas with the greatest potential for change are your ability to cultivate wellness, love, and your ability to integrate  compassion into your world.

Safety, Security, & Survival

Taking a break from a relationship or taking a break from deciding what changes need to take place in your professional setting can add to a feeling of security.  Sometimes you need to step back and regain confidence before making a change in a big area of your life.

Creativity, Wellness, & Joy

Your joy will come with learning new spiritual pursuits and increasing your intuition.

Personal Power

You recognize your power in observation of human nature, human condition,  and family dynamics.  Your personal power is coming in the form of observation vs reaction.

Balance, Love, & Compassion

Your strength and balance will come through being compassionate and observant.

Speaking Your Truth

Speaking out and making decisions this week can cause anxiety.  The theme of the week is observation…  which makes me feel that observation and gaining a bigger picture is what is needed to gain insight on why you are here, your purpose, etc….

Intuition, Clear Picture, & Knowing

This week as you are practicing being the observer you will gain insight on what your best talents are.  You will possibly even begin to formulate a plan on knowing how to use your talents.  Don’t be surprised if you gain recognition for your talents; even when you are just formulating or discovering your strengths.

Pure Awareness & Consciousness

This is a funny area…  I feel like this week is really heightened with the need for stillness and observation.  If you don’t give yourself the mental and physical rest your mind needs…  you may find yourself in a situation that will not allow action.  This means if someone is used to running away from solitude, maybe they will come down with a sprained ankle…  and not be able to run away…  so give yourself the stillness that is being called for this week.