Energy of the Week March 1, 2020

Mar 1, 2020 | Energy of the Week

You have been working so diligently in figuring out your place in the world.  You have been noticing miracles and recognizing the shadows you have outgrown.  Yay you!  There is a part of you that is really beginning to have fun in noticing a reality that is truly yours.  It is your discernment that allows others into your world.

Imagine that while you pause to share gratitude for your awareness of good fortune;  out of the corner of your eye you notice something new.  This object is being built from the ground up and only has the frame work intact.  This possibility has your attention 100% now.  This new creation has the potential to keep you busy for a while.  Is it a good time to invest in growing something new?  Is it a good fit for you?  Are you willing to explore and see if the people involved in this new possibility, are aligned with your reality?

I have pulled seven cards for the week ahead.  The area with the greatest energy of change is creativity and emotional patterns.

Safety & Stability

You can have a wish come true!  There is the possibility of new projects and new friends…  This fits perfectly with the vision I saw for the week 🙂

Creativity & Emotions

There may be a pause in the plan you saw for yourself. Don’t fall into disappointment.  You may see a completely different possibility for yourself….  This also fits with the vision I saw for the week.

Competition & Success

Don’t let your emotions roll into guilt, shame, and anger if you believe you didn’t succeed at something.  Enjoy the pause…  and remember how far you have come.

Love & Compassion vs Grief

So funny…  There is the possibility of feeling frustration in the pause.  By the way…  the pause is beginning to look inevitable, don’t let the delay upset your heart.  Stay compassionate to those involved.

Communication & Expressions of Self

You will soon have the energy for lovely self-expression, maybe new clothes, new hair, new colors in your life…   And the words will flow beautifully when you communicate…  wait for it 🙂

Awareness of The World & What is Best for You

Enjoy the pause…  breathe deep.  Don’t let anxiety effect your decisions.  Deep inside you know what is best for you.  Meditate on the decision you need to make… enjoy the process.

True Knowing & Service to Higher Power

Even though this week looks like it holds a pause and a decision to be made…  It also holds recognition and good fortune.  Make time for volunteering or some other service; it can lead to something wonderful.

This is my birthday week!  Please join me in sending prayers for peace and compassion to all…  including our animal friends and Earth.  Enjoy!


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