The Vibration of Peace

Jan 26, 2017 | What The Universe Is Trying To Tell You

A Channeled Message for You!

Imagine the true you recognizing your love, your strength your perfect self. You are now ready to open up and share your enlightened heart and mind. Know that every step of the way has been worth it. You have been guided to this very moment, by this very breath. This realization has been guiding you to eternity. Honor this very real part of you. Press your hands to your heart. Breath deep.

We have always been with you. Allow yourself to be healed to explore this new energy that is you…. your highest you. Reach before you, reach around you and draw in this love…. We, your guides and angels have been seeking you…. This realization, this dawning with in you, might come and go, but we will remain by your side. You will again remember this realization of self awareness and self love. Rest your fears. Open up to a complete healing of the soul…. let us guide you.

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