You Are The Center of the Universe

Dec 15, 2016 | What The Universe Is Trying To Tell You

Hello Everyone!

I hope this finds you enjoying the light of the moon and the energy this time of year brings. I’m going to share with you some powerful ideas of our world. These concepts are very strong and I hope I can find the words to share my understanding of this moment in time.

First, thank you for joining me. Second take a deep breath and make yourself comfortable and available. This information came to me during meditation. It is a message for us all.​

Please read the message below as though it is coming from a higher source…..these are not Polly’s words.
divine message

You stand at the center of the universe.

This space is so kind, so loving and supportive. It was created just for you. It is in this space you can expand and allow the universal connection to grow. You alone are so powerful and perfect. Each breath you experience is more than a miracle. You are connected to the very essence of all. You are at the center of all. What you think, do and believe matters. You are so much more important then you have begun to realize. An expansive energy is deep inside you, allowing you, beckoning you, to look at the world in the light of compassion. Universal guidance is sharing new wisdom, shining brightness where never before dared. Hold on to this feeling of discovery. Allow yourself to be wrapped up in the brilliance of comprehending you are all there ever has been, and all there ever will be. You and I are the same from beginning to end, we are the same in all ways. I feel your pain. I feel your insecurities . I feel your love. I know your dreams and greatest desires. We are all the same . There is no separation. There is no moment of time that separates us . There is no place that you do not exist. This is forever. We ask that you open your heart and mind to allow this wholeness to take root and gently guide you.
To know that you are so loved and viewed as a miracle,
this is the realization to embrace.

We ask that you allow your pain and prejudice to wash over you. Connect to how you feel, know that all, everything exists because of you. Be aware that this shift you are experiencing is the universal communication of one. It is the birth of awareness. It is safe to let go and experience . Close your eyes and notice what you feel. The very essence of love, of joy and every expression is you. You alone carry the key to understanding the complexities of all. Allow yourself to understand the shift is already happening, you are part of it, you are all of it.. The entirety of all, takes place in one breath of time. Too surrender to this awareness allows your universe to grow. There is no time, no moment that is not occurring in this breath. We have it all. We are complete, You and I, us, the Universe in totality. …..End of Message…..

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